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South Dundas District High School and other schools past and present in SD & G.


A postcard showing a newly opened South Dundas District High School, Iroquois.  The school opened in 1957 with 190 students.  In 1960 four more classrooms were added.  The school was still too small to handle the postwar baby boom.  As Iroquois was the region’s geographic centre, plans were made in 1965 to turn the school into South Dundas District High, leading to the closures of Morrisburg and Williamsburg Townships’ high schools and the introduction of widespread busing.


Morrisburg Collegiate Institute, 1936.


A wooden postcard with a felt maple leaf and photograph of the original Morrisburg Collegiate Institute, 1906.

scan0063Postcard of the High School, Iroquois.

Iroquois’ first school opened in 1846.  Within a year 30 male and 25 female students were enrolled.  In 1886, the grammar school was replaced with this two-story brick structure.

scan0062Assembly Room, Iroquois High, ca, 1900.


Aultsville’s school  was constructed (foreground) in 1864 with the school on the first floor and public meeting hall on the second floor.  By 1957, this four room high school, designed for 35 students had 144 pupils.  To handle the overcrowding before Rothwell-Osnabruck was opened in Ingleside, the local school:

…board rented two unheated rooms in a nearby vacant house owned

by Ontario Hydro.  The room were so cold students had to wear their

outdoor clothes.  (Standard-Freeholder, Jan. 14, 1957.)


A postcard showing the Public School and Fraternity Hall, Aultsville.

The Hall became a battle ground between Ontario Hydro and the Masons and Oddfellows.  Hydro told them that they had to leave, but both organizations refused to budge until Hydro promised to build a new hall.  Hydro expropriated the building and then forced the issue by ripping the first fall of the building out and then cutting off the power forcing the Masons to use a gas generator to hold their meetings on the second floor.

The Ontario and Canada Research Councils then set the building alight in 1958 to learn how to manage fires before an agreement could be reached.

The Masons eventually found a new home in Ingleside, calling their Lodge, the Farran-Ault Lodge No. 246 to maintain a link with the two lost villages they were associated with.


Rothwell Public School officially opened Dec. 6, 1957 in Ingleside.

This is a very small sampling from the files of local education history in the archives at the Cornwall Community Museum.



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Postcards – Osnabruck Tropical Gardens, ca. 1980.


Sydney the Macaw at Osnabruck Tropical Gardens, Frank and Mary Reid Proprietors.

This and the following postcard were printed by Dexter Color Cornwall and photographed and published by Bill Lasalle.

scan0051Susie and Wilburn, yellow blue-wing Macaws.

Photo. by Bill Lasalle, Cornwall.

In October 1982, the “Morrisburg Leader” wrote”

Lunenburg – Even Cookie the cockatoo went to a good home.

Osnabruck Tropical Gardens has finally been sold, to a couple from Ottawa who want to retire there but who don’t want to carry on with the business.  For proprietor Mary Reid it means the end to goodbyes to the tropical birds she grew to love and an end of a way of life her and her deceased husband Frank wanted to share for the rest of their lives.

But Frank’s death on July 10th, 1981, signaled an end to the operation, an operation that rivaled most other tourist attractions in the area.

Many couldn’t handle the chores that needed to be done and she also couldn’t handle the solitude  Frank’s death had left her with on the seven acre parcel of land south of here.  Now she is going to move to Toronto and help people who are in the same situation she was in.

scan0052             Cookie the Cockatoo.

“I guess three comes a time when you have to face the facts isn’t there?” she said.  “I knew the day would have to come but, you know, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.”

She says people she sold the property to were just as taken by the scenic location as she and Frank and the many visitors to the non-profit operation had been.


scan0055              Musovy Duck.

“They loved it,” she said, “like everybody else they really loved it.   I know there are going to be some disappointed people that we’re not going to continue but they had their chance if they really wanted it to keep going.”

Mary kept the business going with the help of several private citizens, especially close, neighbours, but finally had to give it up.


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Osnabruck, Upper Canada, postmark on road report letter, 1846.


Before stamps and envelops, letters were sent on a single piece of folded paper, and then stamped with the place of origin, in this case OZNABRUCK, U.C. (Osnabruck).  Apparently without a date stamp, the postmaster wrote in the date “6th October 1846.”

addressed to:  James Pringle Esquire
Clerks District Council,

Report of William Warner, Chairman of Superintendents of Roads Osnabruck.

Chairman called on to report to the Magistrates who refused doing their duty to this Council So that they can be reported to the proper authority.

Oct., 8th, 1846.


To the Honourable the District Council for the Eastern District re the Highway Superintendants of the Township of Osnabruck do report that the Statute Labour has been very juditiously laid out and most of the Labour performed.

And the roads in this Township are in a pretty Good State of Repair.

re further report that there was a number of defaulters last year and he Reported there to the Magistrates and have not heard any thing from them on the subject  since and we beg your Honourable Body will direct us how to proceed.

and we have the Honour to be


Your most Obt Servt

William Warner, Chairman

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Photo of the Week – 1947 Bank of Montreal Staff


Around the table at the former Royal Hotel:  Oscar Mallalieu, Patricia Leroux, Pauline Lefebvre, Rhoda McAlear, Raymond Lechasseur, Ms. Y. Desmeules, Mona Martin (soon to be Cameron), George Cameron, Mr. E. Rioux, Lionel Desmeules, Jean Foulds, Leslie Foulds, “myself”, Charles, Verna Lapensee.

Karen Quinn tells us that the photo was taken on the occasion of her parent’s upcoming wedding on September 24th of that year. The staff presented Mona and George Cameron with a wedding gift.

According to Katherine McAlear (Rhoda’s sister-in-law): “there did not have to be a special occasion for the staff to go out after work – just turn the lock in the door and away they went!” Katherine also told us that Rhoda later moved to Ottawa for a job in the Civil Service.

Carley Foulds confirms that Jean was her mom; her dad, Leslie, is still alive and well.

Who can tell us about the others, especially the unnamed”myself?”

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Photograph – Nathan Miller & Sons, Cornwall.


A group of men lawn-bowling in front of Nathan and Joseph Miller’s scrap metal warehouse, 513 Pitt St.  The scrap metal site is now occupied by COGECO and the Navy Club has the former lawn bowling property.




These are examples of archival material held at the Cornwall Community Museum preserving Cornwall’s history.

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Cornwall Postcard – Methodist Manse, Cornwall, circa 1920.


Postcard of the Methodist Manse, 117 1st St. East, Cornwall.  Taken by the “Hunter Studio” Cornwall.

The house is still standing.

This is just one example of postcards, photographs and documents in the archives at the Cornwall Community Museum tracing with Cornwall’s religious history.

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Glengarry Postal History – Postmark – Bridge End, 1882.


scan0042Embossed, pre-stamped envelope destined for Williamstown, started at Bridge End on October 7th, 1882, arrived at Lancaster on the 9th and then Williamstown the same day.  The 3rd mark reads “Riviere…”

In 1889, W.C. McGillis was the postmaster at Bridge End.

The post office opened here in 1878.

The settlement of 360 had the Allan Grove Cheese Combination, Didern Bourgon, other cheese makers were, Charles McGillis, and DM McPherson, blacksmith, Wm. Brodie, miller, A. Cross and A. McDonald,  and Donald McLellan  saw mills, A. Curier, and A.R. Ferguson, physicians, P. Darragh, J.C. and P.D. McCuaig, livestock, O. LaDouver and E. Watier wagon makers, Mrs. Archibald McDonald grocery, along with DJ McDonald and Miss P, McGillis, and Victor Sove, blacksmith.

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Artifact of the Week. Nutmeg grater, ca. 1891.


Nutmeg grater marked “Edgar Mfd. Co. Ltd. Pat. 1891.

23.4 cm x 8.1 cm x 12 cm.

Donated to the Cornwall Community Museum in 1969 by Dr. Simon Fraser, Cornwall.

On display in the kitchen.

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Postcard, Lancaster Ontario, prison.


A prison in Lancaster!  That is what this World War I era postcard says.  The Grand Trunk Railway Station is in the background.

Any information about this prison, which looks very much like an old school would be appreciated.

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Artifact of the Week. Plate – Indians Making Lacrosses on Cornwall Island, ca. 1906.


White dessert plate with a coloured transfer image, from a postcard, ca. 1906.

The plate came under The Foley China line, made by Wilman & Co., England.  This transfer image was used from 1892 to 1911.

The plate was donated to the Cornwall Community Museum by Ransom Ledoux of Cornwall in 2008.




Reverse of above card.

Cornwall By-law 1905 – Nov. 20 – By-law to raise the sum of $20,000 for the purpose of granting a loan to a Joint Stock Co. to be founded by Thomas McGill, as aid to said company in erection of factory for manufacture of chairs.

1906 – Nov. 14 – A by-law to raise the sum of $4,000 for the purpose of completing permanent improvements to the Cornwall High School.

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