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1948 Train Derailment – many changes to Pitt Street

On July 6,1948, CPR locomotive #857 derailed on Pitt Street in front of Albert Lalonde’s house at 524 Pitt Street. Details of the incident are available at this LINK.

These photos from our Marcel Quenneville collection afford glimpses of what the neighbourhood looked like at that time.

Just north of the Lalonde house, on the other side of Adams Avenue, stood the Canadian Tire store at 538 Pitt Street. Herb Edwards operated his electrical business from that same building.

Across the street at 517 Pitt stood the father and son Harvey Boucher blacksmith and welding shop. Isaac Waters/Boileau built the blacksmith shop at this location ca. 1860 on land purchased from John Sandfield Macdonald. The Bouchers were the last of a series of blacksmiths to practice their trade at this location. For more information and photos, see our post concerning this blacksmith shop at this LINK as well as our post on the series of blacksmith shops operated by Joseph Laundrie, a nephew of Isaac Waters, at this LINK.

Moving south we see N. Miller and Sons Ltd iron and scrap metal dealer. TV Cogeco sits on the site of those former businesses today. Continuing south we also see the Pentacostal Tabernacle at 507 Pitt, which has since been transformed into a restaurant turned mosque. Beyond that was the east wall of Wilson Auto Parts.

The CPR station was at 607 Pitt Street, just east of the accident site as seen in this 1966 aerial. The Giant Tiger plaza is now on the site of the former station.

This 1963 Quenneville aerial photo reveals the former turntable and commercial sidings two blocks east of the CPR station.

This 1963 Fire Insurance Plan provides additional details.

This 1970 aerial photo shows the small mall at 609 Pitt Street (former train station) and the area south that is now the home of TV Cogeco. Note the Whitham Lawn Bowling Club on Sixth Street, which is now the site the of the Navy Club.

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A “Homecoming”

Today the Cornwall Community Museum received one of the most historically significant donations it has received in its 52 year history.

Linda Wilson, Cornwall Tourism Coordinator (on left), is shown with Philip deBelle, and Heather Bashow, both descendants of the Wood House family. They are celebrating their donation of the original English Sheffield silver plate tea service in the Confederation Parlour at the Wood House aka Cornwall Community Museum. Curator Ian Bowering, said that: “after more than half a century, the tea service has been returned home due to the thoughtfulness and care for our heritage by the descendants of Jonas Wood UEL family.”

The Cornwall Tourism Visitor Information Centre is located inside the Museum.


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Cornwall Ontario Pennants.

A felt pennant for CCVS, late 1940s.

A felt pennant for the Centennial year picnic for Courtaulds (Canada) Cornwall.  Donated in 2006 to the museum by Ransom Ledoux.

Felt pennant, ca. 1960.

Felt St. Lawrence Seaway pennant, late 1950s and early 1960s.


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Historic Cornwall and area photographs from a new donation!

This tintype of this Victorian woman was taken by J.S. Wells of Morrisburgh in the 1870s.

Photographer’s rubber stamp on the back of the above tintype.

This is one of some 100 historic photographs just donated to the Museum’s archives by Sue Rabick of West Michigan.

The story about how we received this donation demonstrates how museums and archives work together.

Sue was planning to attend a genealogists conference in Ottawa this month.  As part of her trip to this area she was determined to find a permanent home for the family photographs of people from the Finch area.  Not sure who to contact, Sue called an archivist at the Public Archives of Canada.  The archivist immediately appreciated the importance of the collection to SD & G and contacted the United Counties Museum in the Wood House (aka Cornwall Community Museum) in Cornwall.  The curator expressed an immediate interest,  and the archivist forwarded the museum’s interest and email to Sue.  The next day, on her way to Ottawa Sue appeared at our door with this collection.

The following is a small sample of what she donated.

A very rare photograph of men building a dam bridge, ca 1870.

A coloured tintype of a Confederation era gentleman.

A carte-de-visite of a Victorian man, Cornwall, ca. 1864.

The back of the above photograph.  A. Jaeckle operated in Cornwall before Confederation.

A coloured tintype of a Confederation era Cornwall woman.

The paper “frame” for the above tintype.

A Confederation era tintype.  The child on the left may be a boy even though he is apparently wearing a dress.

A pre Confederation Cornwall man.

The back of the above photograph.  Note the “CW” for Canada West, Ontario’s name before Confederation.  Weber, a wounded Civil War veteran had studios in both Massena and Cornwall.

A tintype of two pre Confederation lads.

A carte-de-visite of a militiaman taken by Fenner & Co. of Toronto, in what I believe to be the uniform of the Queen’s York Rangers, ca. 1870.  Please correct me if I am wrong!





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Postcards Cornwall Ontario, for sale.

One of a set of 12 postcards depicting Cornwall’s murals, printed in 2001.  Original price for the set $10 NOW $5, at the museum.

The set includes the mural at Pitt and 2nd, the Cheese and Butter Board, Cornwall Town Hall, Cornwall’s lacrosse heritage, Mayor’s picnic and more.

Individual postcards from this set are $1.00 each.

A 1940s Post Card showing a vessel sailing west down the Long Sault Canal.  $2.

The swing bridge in Lamoureux Park, circa 1940.  The area to the right of the bridge is now occupied by the splash pad.  $2.

This coloured Edwardian era postcard depicts Cornwall’s High School, now CCVS.  $2.

Fort Augustus aka Windmill Fort, Cornwall.  $3.

The museum’s bookroom has a selection of postcards across the region, this Edwardian era card is available for $5.

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CCVS – Evolution of the Yearbook.

Highschool yearbooks have been a tradition for well over  a century.  The Cornwall Community Museum’s archives has a good cross section of these books from CCVS for visitors and researchers to view, the following is a small sample of the range of Yearbooks in our collection.





Do you remember when you had to buy your own textbooks and notebooks for high school?

In Cornwall would-be scholars would make an annual trek to Kyte’s on Pitt Street, to meet their academic needs.

The history of Kyte’s has been lovingly told in Joan Levy-Earle’s book THE LEGACY OF CW KYTE, copies are available at the Museum’s bookroom for $20.

Sterling Silver medal awarded to Evelyn Durocher, form II, for highest marks, 1911, Cornwall High School.



The front of the Birks’ Sterling Silver E.H. Brown Medal for a student of Cornwall Collegiate Institute, 1928.

The Reverse of the E.H. Brown medal awarded to Melvin Ferguson for General Proficiency.

Murray Barkley of Avonmore generously donated this medal to the museum in 2007.

The museum has numerous artifacts, photographs and archival material relating to Cornwall Collegiate Vocational School and is forerunners, for research and on display.

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Artifact of the Week. Courtaulds’ Police badge

Did you know that Courtaulds’ Canada had its own police force?

This badge confirms that they did.

It was donated to the Museum by Ranson Ledoux after Courtaulds closed in Cornwall.


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Local history Bookroom at the Cornwall Community Museum.

The local history bookroom at the Cornwall Community Museum has many out of print booklets such as this illustrated 1952 Ontario Hydro Report for $5.

This richly illustrated history of Ontario’s 19th century Post Offices includes Cornwall’s Gothic clock tower.  Printed in 2006, it sells for $23.

Along with out of print books, the museum’s bookroom also sells works by local authors such as Jan and John Milnes and others that deal with the history of the river, riverboats, smuggling, folk lore and the military.

This reprint of the 1906 Story of Dundas is available for $20.

If you cannot come to the museum, books may be ordered by mail, however, please send your address and any questions to for a quote on the cost of postage.

The bookroom is open daily Wed. to Sun., from 10 am to 4 pm.  Please note we take cash or cheques only as we do not have enough sales to be able to afford debit or credit cards.

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Stormont Woman’s Institute, Berwick, 1973.

Officers appointed at the Stormont District Annual meeting of the Woman’s Institute, Berwick, 1973.

Left to right:  Mrs. Ernest Filion, 2nd VP., Mrs. Fred Beer, Sec/Trea., Mrs. Mary Smith, Pres., Mrs. Neil Cleary, Past Pres and Fed. Rep., Mrs. Jennie Flegg, curator and Mrs. Helen Rupert, Alternate Fed. Rep.

This is just one of thousands of photographs depicting people and events in the United Counties of SD & G in the archives at the Cornwall Community Museum.

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