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Cornwall 1784 Major Event

The 1784 event in the area of the band shell runs from Friday until Sunday. All updates, including photos and video clips throughout the weekend will be posted in the Museum Event Group at this link:

Please note that during this nearby event, the Cornwall Community Museum will be offering abbreviated guided visitation starting on each half hour, with the first tour at 9 a.m. and the final tour at 3 p.m. each of the three days.

Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | February 24, 2022

Heritage Highlights 2022

In 2022, as furtherance of last year’s made-for-television version of the annual in-person edition of the Heritage Fair, due to wonderful positive feedback, it was decided to continue creating more episodes of the televised series.

By popular request of those who are outside of the cable operator’s coverage area, YourTV’s Chis Rohde produced a highlight clip for each of the episodes. Those highlight clips will be posted on the station’s Facebook page as well as on its Youtube channel. For convenience, as they are released, those clips will be embedded on this page.

In the premiere Episode of Heritage Highlights 2022, Sophie Jean of Heritage – Patrimoine Cornwall joined us to talk about current initiatives. Then historian Stuart Manson spoke about his new online offering, The King’s Colour, followed an introduction to his current book series, Sacred Ground.

In episode 2 of the current series, author/researcher Stuart Manson is back, but this time on location at two Loyalist Cemeteries, Maple Grove and St. Andrews. Stuart shared some interesting aspects of some of those early settlers who are buried there.

Midway through this series, we showcase Cornwall resident Agnes McKissock’s hobby of creating vintage costumed miniatures. The we headed out to hear collector Brent Nixon walk us through his vintage gas pump collection.

Book author Jimmy Steele had a conversation with Barbara (Markham) Vanderven, Cornwall’s own Miss Canada 1954. The interview took place at the Cornwall Community Museum which has in its collection one of Barbara’s elegant gowns, and includes footage shot at Barbara’s summer residence. Introducing the segment is Barbara’s daughter, Deborah Kerr, in discussion with Don Smith. Later, we look at the Cornwall Historic Newspaper Digitization Project as well as the Standard-Freeholder historic photos collection in the care of the Cornwall Community Museum.

In our fifth and final episode, we take a look at the history of the Cornwall Legion. The full televised episode also includes background on the Cornwall Cenotaph as well as a series recap.

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Annual Heritage Awards

The City of Cornwall’s volunteer Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall committee typically presents an award to a business property owner and to a residential property owner each year in recognition of older properties well-maintained, whether or not those properties are Designated.

In 2021, YourTV began attending the presentations to record and share them with their viewing audience. An online version is also posted and embedded on this page.

2021 Presentations – Former Beth-El Synagogue & Former Knox Manse

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A Diocese turns 125

This five-part series was created by YourTV in partnership with the former Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall on the occasion of its 125th anniversary, community produced by Kim Walsh and narrated by Thom Racine. Episodes 1 and 2 have been posted online and embedded here.

Episode 1 – Apostle of Ontario: Alexander Macdonell

Episode 2 – Bishops Macdonell & Couturier

épisode 1 – Apôtre de l’Ontario: Alexander Macdonell

épisode 2 – Évêques Macdonell & Couturier

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Times Gone By

This popular series was created by YourTV. Select episodes have been posted online and embedded here.

The Carleton House Hotel

The St. Lawrence Brewery

Cornwall’s Cotton Mills

Cornwall’s Paper Mill and “Silk” Mill

Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | November 11, 2021

Regimental Museum Opened

On October 27, 1955, the Honourable Lionel Chevrier, president of the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority and honorary lieutenant-colonel of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders cut the ribbon to formally open the regimental museum at the Cornwall Armoury.

Looking on were Lt-Col. J.P. Donihee, CD, commanding officer (left) and Capt. R.F. Gray, museum curator.

Hon. Lionel Chevrier chats with Lt-Col. John Graham, officer commanding 315 Battalion.

Capt. R.F. Gray, museum curator, (left) accepts tattered battle flag from Capt. J.H. Tierney, motor officer of 314 MP Battalion.

This 1851 U.S. cavalry sabre which formerly belonged to the 7th Cavalry Regiment, General Custer’s famed Little Big Horn Unit, was presented to the officers’ mess by Lt-Col. John Graham.

The SD&G Historical Society is grateful to the Standard-Freeholder newspaper for entrusting the custodianship of its historic newspaper images, including those appearing in this article.

Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | June 20, 2021

Keeping cool in the 1950s

The Bywash was a spillway near the Eastern entrance to the Cornwall Canal and popular with kids from the east end.

Mack’s Bridge was located at the foot of Marlborough Street. Originally it provided access to Mack’s Express Roller Mills. The Dundas cotton mill later occupied that area and people tended to refer to the structure as Silver Bridge. Younger children swam in a shallow area of the canal near the bridge, while older youth (and the young-at-heart) often preferred diving off the bridge. Today what remains of that area is Harbour Road south of where it meets Marlborough Street South and Race Street.

Located on Water Street East, west of Amelia Street, this park obtained its original name due to the fact that it was rather central to Cornwall’s original Mile Square town. Later it was re-named in honour of Cornwall’s longest-serving mayor, Aaron Horovitz. The park included an inground pool, pavilion, water fountain, swings and open areas to host events such as Aaron Horovitz’ annual Mayor’s Picnic.

Located in what was then Cornwall Township, St. Lawrence Park was created by the street railway in 1896 as an enticement for Cornwallites to use its service and soon became the summer “destination” for many. The park evolved over time to include swimming, boating, picknicking, a dance pavilion and children’s playground. By 1959 with the changes brought about by the St. Lawrence Seaway & Power Projects and the sewage demands of a growing community, the park was shuttered as being too poluted and with a treacherous undertow in the St. Lawrence River. Today a high school sits on that property, east of the college. For more great photos and information on St. Lawrence Park, follow this LINK to view our post on that historic township neighbourhood.

Sheek Island, which was submerged under Lake St. Lawrence during the creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Projects, was once a popular summer destination. The Sea Cadets were among those who made use of the boat launch near the government workshops near the Canal entrance. Boating and waterskiing throughout the region was common.

The YMCA operated camps for Cubs and Scouts on the Ontario portion of Akwesasne.

The Kiwanis Club created a summer facility in Lancaster that was utilized for a variety of camps, including the Fresh Air Camps that were intended to provide recreational opportunities for underpriviledged urban children.

These photographs are from the Standard-Freeholder collection, entrusted to the SD&G Historical Society. We congratulate and voice our appreciation of the Standard-Freeholder as it celebrates 175 years of service to our community.

Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | June 6, 2021

The “McGill” House

The former house on the northwest corner of Second Street at York had been constructed by Wm Joyce prior to Confederation. It passed into Clara McGill’s possession in 1915 (formerly of The McGill Chair Company Limited located one block north). Armand Raymond purchased it from the McGill estate in early 1947.

In November of 1947, Cities Service purchased this house from Raymond, but were hindered from redeveloping the property for more than five years due to residential zoning complications and thanks to a tenant who refused to move.

Finally, on February 10th of 1953, at a meeting of the Ontario Municipal Board in Cornwall, the OMB cleared the way for the company to demolish the more than 80-year-old house and replace it with an ultramodern service station.

A month later, demolition was underway as evident in this Standard-Freeholder photograph.

Cities Service held its official opening on September 29th of that year with Mayor Aaron Horovitz drawing the winning prize ballots and the Standard-Freeholder there to capture the moment. Pictured are Lawrence St. Denis, Arthur Primeau, Victor Clavette (station manager), Winston Walker (tank station manager), Mayor Horovitz, T.R. Dunkin (station lessee), Mrs. Thomas McCulloch and Mrs. Roy Hartle.

Incidentally, Horovitz resided in the grand house a few properties to the west.

Subsequently the business was called Riddell’s Service Station, Newton’s Cities Service, Crites BP Service Station, Laporte’s B.P. and since about 1990, MacEwen’s. The Standard-Freeholder photo below is from 1969 when it was Crites BP.

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Heritage Highlights 2021

In 2021 the volunteer City committee, Heritage Cornwall took a different approach to hosting the annual Heritage Fair at the Cornwall Square. This year, the event which began locally at Brookdale Mall in 1984 as part of the Bicentennial celebrations, became a made-for-television event.

Largely in anticipation of a probable COVID-19 lockdown or restrictions, the committee partnered with Cogeco’s YourTV Cornwall to produce five weekly 30-minute episodes. 14 heritage groups, a mixture of regular and new participants, embraced the opportunity to promote their venues or projects. Most of the groups sent a representative to YourTV’s studio on Pitt Street to pre-record their segment. B-roll footage and photos were provided by some of the groups, while b-roll for others was shot in the autumn by Don Smith, a Cogeco volunteer and member of Heritage Cornwall. A few of the groups essentially created the core of their particular segment.

Smith also served as host and community producer for the series. YourTV Producer Chris Rohde recorded the in-studio footage and created the episodes as well as a 15-second commercial which aired on cable and on Facebook. The promotional clip has been viewed more than 2,600 times and appears below.

By popular request of those who are outside of the cable operator’s coverage area, Rohde produced a highlight clip for each of the episodes and will be releasing one each weekday during the final week of airing (February 15-19), Those highlight clips will be posted on the station’s Facebook page as well as on its Youtube channel. For convenience, as they are released, those clips will be embedded on this page.

In the premiere Episode of Heritage Highlights 2021, Ginette Guy and Carole Libbey of Heritage – Patrimoine Cornwall join us to talk about the advisory committee for The City of Cornwall, their directive as a board, and their efforts for the City of Cornwall. Then Gabriele Thomas, a volunteer with The Friends of Crysler’s Farm Battlefield, gives an account of the Battle of 1813 and details the museum and reenactments that occur at Upper Canada Village – Morrisburg, Ontario.

In Episode 2 of Heritage Highlights 2021, Brent Lafave of the Sir John Johnson Manor House joins us to talk about the history of the manor house and their fundraising initiative. Gardner Sage and Kirsten Gardner give the background to the Friends of Grand Trunk Railway 1008. Then Jennifer Black is in studio to discuss the Glengarry Pioneer Museum.

In Episode 3 of Heritage Highlights 2021, Jim Brownell joins us to talk about the The Lost Villages Museum and the history as to why the museum exists at Ault Park. The Cornwall General Hospital Down Memory Lane Project gets the recognition it deserves. Then John Arksey and Mark Alexander of the Loyal Orange Association are in studio to give some insight into the group.

In Episode 4 of Heritage Highlights 2021, Judy Neville joins us to talk about the Ontario East British Home Child Family group and museum. Keleigh Goodfellow gives the background to the Glengarry, Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum in Williamstown. Then Frances Fraser is in studio to talk about the Dalkeith Historical Society.

In Episode 5 of Heritage Highlights 2021, Jennifer DeBruin will share news of an exciting new initiative to take place in May. Dane Lanken will take us on a journey with the Big Bishop. Lastly, Don Smith invites us on a virtual tour of the Cornwall Community Museum and some neighbouring historic properties.

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Cornwall News Distributors Limited

The company started in 1938 as Bryan News Agency, owned by Edward C. Bryan. The name officially changed in the mid-1950s.

In 1963, both business names were in use and the company was operating from a building at 306 11th Street West, sandwiched between Rolland A. Paquette Hardware at 304 and Gillett Upholstering Reg’d at 310. As can be seen in this photo of their interior, the company distributed games and toys as well as newspapers and magazines. (Standard-Freeholder photo)

At that time their staff members were, Front row: Jack Legroulx (Asst Mgr), E.C. Bryan (Pres.), Gordon Bryan (Mgr), Hilda Dupuis (Bookkeeper); Second row: Ada Killoran, Denise Marleau, Beverley McCormick, Mary Dupuis, Mrs. Ann Trottier, Paul Cinquini; Back row: Gary Jarvo, Rheal Martel, Garry Katz. Missing from photo: Lee Killoran. (Standard-Freeholder photo)

In this 1995 photograph we see them operating in the Cornwall Industrial (Business) Park at 840 Campbell Street. They ceased operations in January of 1997, but some of their existing distribution network was taken over by Benjamin News of Montreal, their parent company.

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