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Artifact of the Week – Chalet Glass

Chalet Artistic Glass opened in Cornwall in 1962.

Chalet Artistic Glass opened in Cornwall in 1962.

CHalet factory

The factory closed in June 1975, after filing for bankruptcy.


Angelo Rossi

Glassmaking 1

Giuchio Gatto uses tweezers to put the finishing touches on a glass basket handle.

Glassmaking 2

Govanni Voltolina specialized in making animals.

glass blower 1

The Venetian style of blowing glass.

chalet cranberry 1

Canadian Cranberry Glass
Fusing solid gold with lead crystal made the subtle colour that made Cranberry glass so unique. The technique is said to have originated with the Romans during the Roman Empire, but was lost until the Italian Renaissance brought back the technique.

chalet cranberry 2

Chalet Cranberry Basket
Ca. 1962-75
Cranberry base and clear handle of twisted glass. This piece is stored in the dining room.

Chalet Swan 1

Figurines like this were stock items. They were molded as opposed to free formed.

Chalet swan 2

These were often given out as party favours at weddings or showers.

chalet swirl 1

Orange or amber vase known as “splash” with six vertical arms, 3 short and 3 tall, starts from base as a swirl.

chalet swirl 2

Chalet “Splash” ca. 1965
Etched in the base: Chalet Canada
On display in the dining room.

chalet vase 1

Donated by Dr. M. Macaulay. She won it in a draw that was furnished by Chalet Glass. It is not marked. The item was likely donated as it has a small defect on one of the edges, which has a sharp edge rather than smooth.

chalet vase 2

Blue and clear vase ca. 1967. It is on display in the dining room.

shark 1

Clear shark sculpture on display in the dining room.

shark chalet lable

Chalet stickers or etchings on the bottoms of pieces prove they are authentic

yellow glass

A shard of unused glass. These could be found discarded behind the factory.

Images ©Cornwall Community Museum

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