Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | October 24, 2013

Artifact of the Week – Lally Lacrosse, Cornwall.

lallyLacrosse was Canada’s first national sport.  Nowhere was the game more popular than in Cornwall, which boasted World Championship teams.  Lacrosse player Frank Lally retired from the game in 1889, and four years later opened his lacrosse stick factory in Cornwall.  The business closed during the Second World War, but lacrosse stick manufacturing stayed on, in factories on Cornwall Island into the 1970s.

lally2Albert Barnhardt is seen standing in the foreground of the Cumberland Street lacrosse factory.

lally3The cover to a copper advertising plate.

screen 008Lally’s  Extra special.

In 1901 the firm advertised  …that since Frank Lally was an expert in handling the lacrosse stick “…it was not a matter of surprise that he should turn out what is acknowledged by all players to be he best stick in the world.”  Lally eventually had factories in Cornwall, Cornwall Island, and St. Regis.

screen 009Two pre World War I Lally lacrosse sticks.  The stick on the left is for a goalie.  The early sticks may be distinguished from latter models by the flat top.  Newer sticks have rounded tops.

From the collection of the Cornwall Community Museum.

The story of Lally Lacrosse along with many other old Cornwall industries and businesses have been printed in the SD & G Historical Society’s newest publication, the CORNWALL SCRAPBOOK.  Now available for $25 at the museum; mail order: $31.

Images ©Cornwall Community Museum

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