Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | November 5, 2013

Arifact of the Week. Mary Mack’s doll hats, ca. 1903.

doll 005

A straw doll’s hat with a rhinestone and cut glass pin.  A white ostrich feather plume decorates the side of the hat.  Beads are woven into the fabric around the rim.   A black tulle rosette is attached to on side.  Additional decorative elements include two metal swirl buttons.   The hat belonged to Miss Mary Mack of Cornwall, circa 1903.

doll 003

doll 002Pill box shaped cream colored velvet doll’s hat.   The velvet has been raised into a rosette on the front right.   Beneath this there is a cluster of pearl coloured beads.  A white feather has been placed beneath the rosette.  The sides and top of the hat have been decorated with metallic thread and bead work.  The hat belonged to Miss Mary Mack of Cornwall, ca. 1903.

doll 004Metallic grey silk doll’s hat with a fine white silk crown.  A black rosette is attached to a wire.  This hat belonged t Miss Mary Mack of Cornwall, who had a life long attraction to hats.  Her adult hats were donated to the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Miss Mary Mack was Cornwall’s first lady.   Along with her numerous charitable works, Miss Mack was Cornwall’s first female Councillor and founder of the United Counties Museum in the Wood House now the Cornwall Community Museum.  The photograph below was taken for the 1953 coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

Miss Mary Mack, 1899-1978

Miss Mary Mack, 1899-1978

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