Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | November 27, 2013

Artifact of the Week. Dr. Mahlon Locke’s winter coat.

dr 002Dr. M. Locke’s fur and cloth winter coat on loan to the Cornwall Community Museum by the Williamsburg Historical Society.

dr locke0001

A photocard showing Dr. Locke’s healing hands.

dr locke0002


dr locke0003Dr. Locke as a medical student.

dr locke0004Dr. Locke’s clinic was big business for the Village of Williamsburg and his work attracted world wide attention.  It also led to a thriving postcard and souvenir trade, the building  of a show factory, hotels, and the publication of a newspaper.  The Doctor has also been the subject of several books and numerous magazine articles.

drsA pair of black suede Lockewedge shoes.  The label reads “The Dr. M.W. Locke shoe designed & approved by Dr. M.W. Locke, Williamsburg, Ont., Canada Trade Mark.  The shoe factory located in an former shoe store in the village in 1932.

dr locke0005

dr locke0006The outdoor pavilion Dr. Locke used to administer the famous “twist.”  The pavilion was torn down several years ago, as the Township of South Dundas did not see fit to preserve it.

dr locke0007

dr locke0008

dr locke0009dr locke0010

This is just a random selection of the postcards, photographs and artifacts in the collection of the Cornwall Community Museum relating to Dr. Locke.

©Cornwall Community Museum

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