Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | January 8, 2014

Artifact of the Week. Victorian moustache tea cup made in Germany. The Cornwall Moustache.


This cream coloured, and gold and green decorated porcelain moustache tea cup was made in 19th Germany.  The tea cup and saucer was donated to the Museum in 1971 by Miss Knowland of Winchester, Ontario.

Few Victorian and Edwardian gentlemen had clean-shaven upper-lips.  To ensure that liquid did not drip unseemly from whiskers, Victorian craftsmen manufactured, tea cups and beer mugs with moustache protectors.


A cabinet photograph taken by Thomas Lafleur, circa 1900 of a sergeant in the 59th Stormont – Dundas Battalion sporting a mooustache.


Irish-Canadian photographer, circa 1900 with his moustache.


Another moustached Cornwall gentleman by Thomas Lafleur.


Colonel R.R. McLennan, MPPP for Glengarry.  Born: 1842, died 1907.
Big Rory McLennan, was one of those larger than life Victorian gentlemen that seemed to have their hand on almost everything.



The archives of the Cornwall Community Museum contain more than 25,000 photographs of Cornwall and Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry.  We even have the studio camera Thomas Lefleur used to take these photographs.

©Cornwall Community Museum

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