Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | February 12, 2014

Artifact of the Week – Woolcot Blankets


In the late 1940s Mrs. G. Brand purchased a number of Woolcot blankets made at Cornwall’s Stormont Mill.  Over the years Mrs. Brand used some of the blankets, but kept the rest in storage complete with their original labels.  After more than 70 years Mrs. Brand decided that it was time to down size and thought that these examples of these brand new blankets might be of interest to the Cornwall Community Museum.  How right she was!  Until her call, I had been looking for examples of new Woolcot blankets for the past 20 years, and here they were.

This example is one of four differently designed blankets donated under the Woolcot/Kingcot label.

scan0110A selection of products produced by Canadian Cottons Ltd., at their Stormont Mill, in Cornwall, Ontario.


A postcard dated 1906 showing the Stormont Mill on the south side of the Cornwall Canal, looking west.

The Stormont Mill was founded in 1870 by the Gault Brothers and destroyed by fire in 1875.  Five years later, the Gaults built a new mill which operated until 1959 as part of Canadian Cottons Ltd.


The spinning room in the Stormont Mill, during the 1930s.


Now abandoned the Mill was destroyed by fire on October 31st, 1961.



The day after the fire.

The archives of the Cornwall Community Museum has numerous photographs of the Mill and the Cornwall Canal.

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