Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 4, 2014

Artifact of the Week. Ashtrays from Cornwall and area.

ashtray 005

A souvenir ashtray for Cornwall’s MacDonell Memorial Hospital, 1959 to 1984.  With today’s concerns about the harm caused by smoking it is hard to believe that hospital’s would sell ashtrays, but they did and up to the 1908s you could even smoke in hospitals!


The MacDonell was Cornwall’s first hospital and opened as the Hotel Dieu.  This 1940s postcard shows the hospital along Water Street,  across from the Cornwall Canal.


The Hotel Dieu became the MacDonell, when a new Hotel was opened in the 1950s.  The MacDonell closed and is now a senior’s facility.  This photograph taken in 2002 shows the building overlooking Lamoureux Park.  The canal was filled-in in the early 1970s.

ashtray 003

An aluminum ashtray celebrating the official opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway.  The building of the Seaway made Cornwall’s old canal obsolete.

ashtray 006

The opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway and the related Royal Visit led to the manufacture of numerous different ashtrays to meet all budgets.

ashtray 001

Until smoking fell out of fashion any and all events were cause to issue commemorative ashtrays.  This white ceramic example with the blue transfer logo marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of Cornwall by United Empire Loyalists.

ashtray 008

No bar was truly complete without its own ashtray, as shown by this one from the Grill Club.


The brick “fireproof” Cornwallis Hotel, 2nd St. E., Cornwall.  The hotel was demolished in the 1970s after a fire.   The site is now a parking lot.


The coffee shop in the Cornwallis Hotel.

ashtray 007

An “art glass” ashtray from Cornwall’s Chalet Glass.  The company’s name has been etched on the base.  The three black circles were added to protect a table top.

ashtray 004

This ashtray with its coloured transfer print image depicts Main Street, Aultsville, Ontario pre World War I.


The postcard of Main Street, Aultsville copied for the ashtray.

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