Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | April 27, 2014

Artifact of the Week. Medicine bottle, Dr. G.V. McDonald, Apple Hill.

Apple Hill 021

I found this bottle at a house sale in Alexandria this week.  George Vincent McDonald was born in Apple Hill on the 23rd of August, 1900 and died August 23, 1969.  He attended Williamstown High School, and earned his medical degree from Queen’s University in 1928.


Dr. G.V. McDonald practiced in Apple Hill for nearly forty years and in 1939 extended his work to Martintown.  Local historian Rhodes Grant noted that McDonald was “cross as a bear,” but a wonderful doctor.  (MacGillivray, R. DICTIONARY OF GLENGARRY BIOGRAPHY, pgs. 312 – 13.  photograph of the Doctor, 1882 APPLE HILL 1982.)


According to the DICTIONARY OF CANADIAN PLACE NAMES, Apple Hill was named in 1882 when the CPR line “was built through Sandy Kennedy’s apple orchard.”


The Apple Hill train station, where area farmers lined-up every Wednesday to ship their produce and livestock to Montreal.  The King Edward Hotel and the Bank of Hochelaga are in the background.  The station closed in 2005.


Hamelin’s blacksmith shop, 1979.  Oliver Hamelin opened his smithy at age 18, around 1920, he was still in business 60 years later.

scan0025Antonie Dancause & Son, General Store, circa 1910.  The store opened in 1889.


Alec Dancause, circa 1965.


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