Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | May 30, 2014

SD&G Historical Society Director Mary Ann Hug’s Artifact of the Week

“I have always been interested in history. I once did a paper on Ancient Greek architecture, and it became so long that the teacher told me I had written a book, not a paper. I believe that history does repeat itself: just take a look at the way fashions return to haunt us again and again. You can learn more from what has happened in the past than you can from anywhere else. I also firmly believe that in order to know where you are going, you have to understand where you came from. A museum is a great place to start to learn where we came from. It is a place to learn how we got to this year and what may be in the future. The artifacts that I have picked out, along with every other piece of history housed in the Cornwall Community Museum and every other museum, tell us how we got to where we are today. Learn something about who you are and visit our museum. You will be surprised by what you learn!” – Mary Ann Hug

Sausage/Meat Grinder


Meat grinder closed and ready to use.

Meat grinder closed and ready to use.

Open, to show inner workings.

Open, to show inner workings.

This cast iron grinder has four small feet that can be screwed down, and a hopper on the top into which the meat is pushed. Its barrel shape, with a hinge on the side, allows the grinder to be opened in half. The cylinder inside has teeth to grind the meat. There is a small opening on the side to allow the meat to squeeze out into the sausage casing. The handle is made of iron and wood.


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