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Artifact of the Week, Cornwall’s Mayors, Part III


Dr. Charles James Hamilton, 1855 – 1937, Mayor of Cornwall, 1889, 1894; MP for Stormont, 1925 – 26; Medical Officer for the Town of Cornwall 1885 – 1937.  Over his 58 year career, Dr. Hamilton delivered 6,807 babies.


Will Pollock, Mayor 1913.


Mayor Aaron Horovitz standing next to his wife, sports a fine pair of plaid knickerbockers on his holiday to St. Petersberg Florida in 1927.

Horovitz was Cornwall’s, and some say Canada’s first Jewish Mayor.  He served in that capacity from 1930 – 34; 1936; 1944 – 46;  and 1949 – 56.


A poster from Horovitz’s clothing factory in Cornwall dating circa 1925.  Was Aaron showing off knickers made in Cornwall on Florida’s golfing links?


For many Cornwallites. Horovitz will be forever remembered for his Annual Children’s picnic.  Held in Central Park the Park was renamed Horovitz in his honour.


Emile D. Menard is elected Mayor in 1957 after defeating incumbent Aaron Horovitz.  He died in office the same year and was replaced by L.G. “Archie” Lavigne.

Excerpts from the diary of farmer A.J. McGillis of Glen Walter, Glengarry County.  Today the museum was fortunate to receive this diary from the daughter of Thoie Laplante.  Every week, a week long list of events will be included with the Artifact of the Week.

Original spellings and grammar will be maintained.

October 1909

20      finished picking potatoes in front of the house .  put first apples in cider.

21      picking apples in back orchard.

22      finished picking apples out back.

23      Alex got letter from E. Mann.

24       nothing

25       thanksgiving day.

26       we began to pick potatoes out back.

27       D. McGillis is helping pick potatoes


  1. In 1957, the City of Cornwall became larger when the urban part of Cornwall Township (today’s east end) was amalgamated into the city. The ensuing municipal election was a face-off between the incumbent mayor Aaron Horowitz and former township reeve Emile Menard. The challenger won, and served as the new mayor for a few months before his early demise due to cardiac failure, if I recall correctly. He is listed on your website as a “Dr.” He wasn’t a physician or a doctor of any other description. He was a very well dressed furniture dealer. His new store was at 305 McConnell Ave. The store still stands there 60 years later, West side, at the corner of Walton St.

  2. Thank you for clarifying that Menard was not a physician. Your statement concerning Cornwall’s growth is quite incorrect. Portions of the “east end” had already been annexed in 1873 and in 1897. The Glebe District had been annexed in 1943. The 1957 event was an ANNEXATION (rather than amalgamation) of the remainder of the URBAN TOWNSHIP, which was a great deal larger than simply those portions of the “east end” that hadn’t already been annexed. The boundary was pushed north all the way back to the 3rd Concession (now called South Branch Road / Cornwall Centre Road) both east and west, which included several west end and north end neighbourhoods. You can read about it at this link:

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