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Artifact of the Week. 21st and 154th Battalions, CEF.

c 194

World War I cap badges for the 154th and 21st Battalions, CEF.

In November, 1914 “A” Company of the 59th Stormont and Glengarry Regiment left for England to become part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force’s 21st Battalion, 2nd Division.  Throughout World War I, men from the old 59th served in the 2nd, 38th and 154th Battalions as well as the 21st.


Altogether more than 700 men from Cornwall and the Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry served in Europe during World War I.  Along with the engagements listed above, they also fought at Amiens.

The 21st Battalion is perpetuated in the Princess of Wales’ Own of Kingston and the 154th Battalion through the SD & G Highlanders stationed in Cornwall.



The 154th’s Battalion Bugle and Brass Band poses in Cornwall’s Central Park.


The 154th Battalion Pipe Band.

Diary of A.J. McGillis, Glen Walter

November 1909, original spellings and grammar maintained.

1st     A began to feed corn to his cows.  The lame man left .  A. helped pick potatoes Monday and Tuesday

2nd    Finished picking potatoes.  Raining a little had a fine crop of beautiful potatoes

3rd     Peter began to plow.

4th     Collector A.J. McLellan was here we paid $51.54 taxes.  Alex paid $23.48.  Duncan McGillis staid here all night.

5th     began to take in roots.

6th     finished taking in roots, had 4 wagon loads.

7th     A and girls went to see young cattle and there were lots of dandeloins in bloom.

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