Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | December 14, 2014

Artifact of the Week – Dundas & Stormont County Quilts.


This FLOWERPOT quilt, ca. 1930 was made by Flora Belle Casselmanm who was born in Dundas County and moved to Cornwall in Stormont County to work as a seamstress.  The quilt measures 175 cm x 150 cm and was donated to the Museum this fall by her daughter Jean Thompson of Ingleside.  The next three quilts were also made by Mrs. Casselman and generously donated to the Cornwall Community Museum.  They form part of our quilt and textile collection that dates back to the early mid 19th century.


A LOG CABIN or SNAKE FENCE quilt, circa 1930.  Believe me, I didn’t make these names up!  152.5 cm x 152.5 cm.scan0005

A NINE PATCH quilt, circa 1930.  This is a square quilt with five patches across and measures 210 cm x 210 cm.


A BEAR PAW quilt, ca. 1940, with six squares across, measuring 157 cm x 157 cm.

Dairy of A.J. McGillis, Glen Walter, original spellings and grammar maintained.

December 10, 1909 – sent the milk to the factory for the last time this year.

11th – moved the cooking stove in winter kitchen, very cold and Mrs. Rankin moved out of Alex house to Cornwall.

13th – D. Renshaw moved his thrashing mill here but didn’t thrash.

14th – A. & M. & M. went to Cornwall in sleigh rained and froze last night and made a little ice on the road, took up grain for provender W. Obrine bought cheese factory at Glen Walter from W. Holdsworth paid $3,000 for it.

15th – began to thrash and Burshaw got chaff in his eye so Alex went to Cornwall with him to see Dr.

Dec. 17th – D. O’Neil and D. Lalonde finished thrashing had 470 1/2 bushels oats and 87 bushels of barley altogether 557 bushels.



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