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A coloured transfer souvenir creamer of Pitt Street looking south from just north of 2nd Street, Cornwall Ontario, Canada, ca. 1910, made by FLORENTINE CHINA – ENGLAND.  The image is from a postcard which shows the post office with the tower on the right and the roof line of the King George Hotel on the left.  This creamer was donated by Roy Lefebvre of Lancaster Ontario, in 2007.

The creamer is 6.5 cm tall.


A demi-tasse tea cup and saucer showing King Street, Iroquois Ontario, ca. 1910, from a postcard.  Made by FLORENTINE CHINA, both this image and the one above were taken somewhat earlier than the items were produced, as MADE IN ENGLAND did not appear on exported goods until after World War I.  Anyone who can tell me anything more about FLORENTINE CHINA is asked to email this blog.  Purchase at a country auction.

Cup height:  5.4 cm; saucer base diameter 6 cm.


A black and white version of the postcard used to decorate the tea cup shown.  This postcard is dated 1908.

Diary A.J. McGillis, Glen Walter, original spelling and grammar maintained.

December 18, 1909 – moved the Mill to Mrs. Munroes.

Dec. 20 – Duncan went to Cornwall pm tje traom amd A. & P are finishing taken in corn here.  Doniheau men took away Jerry and the Fairy heafer paid $34. for the both of them.

Dec. 21 – killed the geese, had six to kill.

Dec. 22 – A. & M. fixed stairs in celor.

Dec. 23 – A. & P. & M. & M. went to Cornwall sold 6 geese to Laclair for 12 cts a pound they weighted 58 1/2 pounds.  Alex took Posey up with Peters buggy to get her shod and P. & M. & M. went in light wagon.  Bought new double lines from Turner paid $3.35 for them.

Dec. 25 – a fine warm day hardly any snow and Alex and Peter went home after dinner with Posey and the buggy a clear night and began to snow heavy in the evening there was a _____ yacht went up the river, no ice on the river yet.  Christy is up stairs on account of being hurt by her falling gave shaving cups to boys.


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