Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | January 22, 2015

Artifact of the Week. Canadian World War II gaiters made by Bata Shoes.



This summer the Burton family of Cornwall kindly donated their father’s World War battle dress, great coat and webbing.  While cataloguing the donation my interest awakened when I saw the “Bata” Shoe logo on this pair of Canadian World War II gaiters, or anklets.  I knew that Canadian industries retooled to manufacture war supplies, but such knowledge does not always lead to any conclusions and I was surprised to see Bata’s name on these anklets, even though they manufactured footwear.

The gaiters were worn by Royal Canadian Engineer Sapper Howard Burton.  Burton enlisted on July 25, 1941 and was discharged on November 7, 1945.  For his services he received the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with clasp; the 1939 – 45 Star; the Defence Medal; the France and Germany Star and the Italy Star.

This fall I will feature Sapper Burton’s battle dress.

Diary of A.J. McGillis, Glen Walter.  Original spelling and grammar maintained.

January 7, 1910 – A. & M. & M. went to Cornwall.

8th –   A. went to Williamstown to buy hay from P. Chisholm.

9th –   A. went home after Peter.

10th – D. & P. went to bush to cut wood, a fine day and just enough snow for good sleighing.  A. went to Lancaster with cow hide to make buffalo robe.

11th – A. drawed first load of wood for this year.

14th – very cold, staid in the house after dinner.

15th – a fine day and Faith bought the big B sheep paid 8.50 for him and we bought hay from P. Chisholm out of Tulley’s barn paid $80 for it.

17th – working in the bush.

18th – raining and Alex drove Peter home to go to Charlotte McGillis’  funeral tomorrow morning.

19th – D. McGibbons family came here for a visit.  Peter came back.



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