Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 4, 2015

Artifact of the Week. Seal muff and Glengarry, circa 1900; child’s winter coat, circa 1920.


A seal skin muff and Glengarry cap made by Robertston & Co., St. James St., Montreal.  Donated and worn by Miss Duquette  (Paul) of Cornwall, before World War I.

The 1901 Eaton’s Fall catalogue sold seal skin muffs for a whopping $20!


Pearl and Ruth Kinghorn in Cornwall in 1918 in their winter finery.


Margaret Barclay a student at the Cornwall Commercial College standing next to the Cornwall Canal, winter 1918.


Cornwall, winter 1921.


A Sister dressed for Winter, Ottawa 1914.


Child’s winter coat made of imitation fur, ca. 1920.


Two Cornwall gentlemen prepared for winter, photograph by J.A. Noel, of Cornwall, circa 1900.

Diary of A.J. McGillis, Glen Walter.  Original spelling and grammar maintained.

March 1, 1910. – George Deruchie wife died this evening.

2nd – drawing out manure from east barn.

3rd – A & M & M went to Cornwall bought oil cloth for kitchen stairs paid 30 cents a yard for it snow nearly all gone thawing every day.  Allie Munroe and Clark’s family went out west.

5th – the first buggy went west.

6th – the first cow calved Alex white heafer and old white pig had 13 little ones. two died.  thunder and lightening storm tonight.

7th – M. & C. & A. cleaned sheep pen began to fatten pigs.

8th – Minnie began to house clean painting upstairs over kitchen.

11th – A went to Cornwall to get posey shod, the first cow calved.

12th – Minnie finished laying oil cloth on kitchen stairs.

13th – Dandie the cow died this evening, raining and turned to snow.

14th – Peter McGillis came to help  saw the boys went to sugar bush to put pipe up and get ready to tap.

15th – tapped 80 trees this morning.  D. Burshaw moved his saw here began to saw in afternoon.

17th – found the first lambs this morning a pair of tweens found first goose egg.

18th – finished sawing wood paid $1.

19th – tapped nearly all the trees today.  black pig had 2 little ones.

20th – see first robin.

21st – made the first boil of syrup.

22nd – the river began to open and there was wagons crossed over at Glen Walter on Sarturday.


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