Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 26, 2015

Artifact of the Week. The Cornwall Operatic Society.


The Cornwall Operatic Society was formed in 1948 and dedicated to producing Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas.  Staging their productions in the auditorium at CCVS, in later years they expanded their repertoire to include other composers.  Their last performance as “Kiss Me Kate,” in 1966.  They subsequently merged with the St. Columban’s Drama Club to create the Glen.



Some of the cast of the 1954 performance of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta “Patience.”  sitting from left to right:  Dollard Piche, Helen Irwin, Lillian Parkinson and Eddy Baker.  These photographs were kindly donated by Mrs. Parkinson’s son, Kevin.



Lillian Parkinson singing in front of the female chorus of the operetta “The Gondoliers,” staged in 1958.


“Dial M. for Murder.  Standing, Lillian Parkinson and Lionel Tessier.

Diary of A.J. McGillis, Glen Walter.  Original spellings and grammar maintained.

March 23, 1910 – A & M & M went to Cornwall to sell syrup sold 20 gallons.

25 – the river (St. Lawrence) is opened only a few cakes.  Mrs. T/ Dyer & big Janet Rose was here.  A. went to the Station (Summerstown) for pig feed.

26 – set 5 geese eggs.

27 – easter Sunday, a good sap day.

28 – A. & M. & M. went to Cornwall with syrup.

31 – began to pile wood in the shed.

April 1 – a fine day and T. Dyer took down the last of the old Rose house.  the first small steam boat went west.  finished piling wood in shed.


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