Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | July 31, 2015

Cornwall. Photographs of the Week. Cornwall Hotels.


scan0061An early 20th century photograph of the Carleton House.  This 1st St. East structure was first built circa1820 for Guy Carleton Wood.  The building is still standing next Kastner’s and has seen service as a private residence, post office, store, hotel and various bars, the most famous being the Lafayette.scan0060


A horse and buggy in front of the Carleton House, Cornwall, 1916.scan0062


Louise Miron first started letting rooms out in this former resident in the 1930s.  In 1939 Richard Proulx operated the site as a rooming house under the name Marlborough Rooms.scan0059


Stationary from the COMMERCIAL HOTEL, corner of Pitt and 1st Streets, Cornwall.

In 1893 the hotel advertised: This old established House, situated in the midst of the business part of Cornwall, and in proximity to the public offices, (United Counties Building and Jail) offers every attraction to boarders and transient guests.scan0063


This house, which is still standing was known as the Aubin Tourist Home in 1948.  By 1957 its name had been changed to Jules Lodge and Motel.scan0064


The original Lloyd George was constructed around 1888 as the Clifton House, it then became the Hotel Duquette followed by the New Windsor and finally the Lloyd George in 1946.  It was named after co owners Lloyd Gallinger and George Bringloe.scan0065

The Lloyd George Hotel and The Wharf beverage room just before demolition for the Cornwall Square in May 1978.


Tearing down the Lloyd George to make room for Cornwall Square, July 1978.scan0067


The Anchor Hotel, 1967.scan0068

A Holiday Inn occupied the building now inhabited by the Ramada until the early 1990s.scan0069.jpg


The swimming pool at Cornwall’s Holiday Inn, December, 1988.

This is just a very small sample of postcards, documents and photographs in the archives of the Cornwall Community Museum available for viewing during museum opening hours.

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