Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | August 15, 2015

Artifact of the Week. Caledonia Springs seltzer bottle.


scan0038Seltzer bottle for the Caledonia Springs Corporation Limited Montreal, 1928.  26 fluid ounces made by British Syphon Co. Ltd., London.scan0039


Booklet cover for the 1904 season for the Grand Hotel – Health and Pleasure Resort open from June 1st to October 1st, Caledonia Springs, Ont., Canada.

Location: Is located at Caledonia Springs, Ont., on the Canadian Pacific Short Line between Montreal and Ottawa, 66 miles west from Montreal and 46 east of Ottawa.  The entire property has an area of 560 acres of land, the grounds adjacent to the hotel are prettily laid out with lawn, parks, etc.

Climate:  Has no superior in Canada as a healthful, restful and enjoyable resort; clear bracing air and cool nights.

The Hotel:  The Hotel the pas season has been greatly enlarged, remodelled, completely, and handsomely refurnished, and modern in all its appointments.  Has accommodation for 250 guests.  The rooms are large, airy, and well ventilated, many of then en suite.  Brass bedsteads.  Telephone in every room.  Lighted throughout by gas.  Elevator.  Long distance telephone, also telegraph office.  Open fireplaces, sanitary plumbing, with a perfect system of drainage.   Steam heated, stand pipe and fire hose on every floor, 3 separate stairways, a well equipped steam laundry in a detached building, a spacious verandah 20 feet wide with a promenade of 300 feet.  From the attractive Roof Garden a beautiful view of the surrounding country can be had, notably the mountains north of the Ottawa River.  The cuisine will be kept to the highest standard of excellence.


A postcard showing the Grand Hotel.scan0041




The Waters:  There are 4 distinct kinds of water flowing from natural springs on this property: the ordinary saline, which is the table water sold largely throughout Canada, the Duncan (or strong saline water), the natural gas or seltzer water, and the sulphur water which is used principally in the baths.  These waters are used under the direction of a resident physician, and are renowned for their efficacy in rheumatism, and all disorders of the digestive organs.  A new and up-to-date bath house has been erected with every facility for proper and scientific water-cure treatment.

Amusements:  A well laid out 9 hole Golf course, close to the hotel, in charge of a competent man, lawn tennis courts, bowling alleys, billiards, orchestra, dancing and other indoor recreation.

Development of the Springs started in 1836 with the construction of the Canada House.  Fire destroyed the hotel and the site was not revived until 1845.

The CPR purchased the Grand Hotel in 1905 and operated it until it closed in 1915.  Five years later it was demolished and in 1943 the CPR sold the land.

All that remained in 1988 was a wooden shed over one of the springs.  (Glengarry Life, 1988, pg. 20.)


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