Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | September 29, 2015

Photographs of the Week. Steamers RAPIDS PRINCE and KING.



This postcard from the 1940s shows the RAPIDS PRINCE docked at Cornwall.

The RAPIDS PRINCE running the Lachine Rapids, (east of Cornwall.)scan0044

A pre World War I postcard of the RAPIDS PRINCE.

In 1911 the Richelieu and Ottawa Navigation Company boasted:

This new steamer will be placed in commission on the Prescott-Montreal route this season, giving the Company three fine new steamers on this division.

The RAPIDS PRINCE, like the RAPIDS KING and QUEEN was built expressly for the purpose of running the rapids of the St. Lawrence, and is provided with the highest type of modern machinery and all improvements for the safety and comfort of passengers.  The deck arrangement is similar to that of the RAPIDS KING, with the dining-room situated on the main deck and after, surrounded with large observation windows and having a seating capacity for a large number of passengers.

Above the deck is the promenade deck with a commodious saloon and a number of staterooms so arranged that there are no inside rooms, and providing for ample forward deck space.

The observation deck is the promenade deck, and is completely shaded.  The deck has seating capacity for 800 passengers and is provided with a glass-enclosed saloon for those who do not care to sit in the open air.  The RAPIDS PRINCE is luxuriously furnished throughout, and is one of the finest steamers of her type on fresh water.scan0045

A World War II era postcard showing the RAPIDS KING in the Long Sault Rapids.  Anyone familiar with the Cornwall waterfront will immediately note that the rapids in front of Cornwall are much less formidable.

The steamship was built in Toronto in 1907 and ran between Cornwall and Montreal until she was laid-up in 1946.  She was scrapped three years later.

The Cornwall Community Museum has hundreds of postcards and photographs depicting the St. Lawrence River available for viewing during museum hours.





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