Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | October 29, 2015

Photographs of the Week. Historic Pitt Street business emporiums.

94-10.33_Daily Coll_24 Pitt Street from Canal_web

Pitt St looking north from the Canal c. 1900 – Daly Collection

The Daly Collection was found in a cupboard by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Daly while renovating their cottage in the Laurentians.  They donated this collection of 108 original photographs dating between 1893 and 1901 to the SD & G Historical Society in 1976 providing us with an invaluable glimpse of late Victorian Cornwall.

Please note not all of these businesses may have been located on Pitt St.

Colquhoun Block - S.W. corner Pitt St at 2nd St W

Colquhoun Block – S.W. corner Pitt St at 2nd St W ca. 1900

94-10.52_Daily Coll_48 D.J. McDonald Store_web

D.J. McDonald’s Store, Cornwall, ca. 1900.


M.A. McDonald Company and Store, ca. 1900.


Donihee’s Meat Market, The Beehive, ca. 1900

McArthur's Store.

McArthur’s Store.

94-10.55_Daily Coll_51 Snetsinger Block_web

The Snetsinger Block, SW corner of Pitt @ 1st St, now a parking lot.


John Skeith’s Shop on the site of the old fire station.

The Museum has more extensive files on most of the stores shown available for viewing during opening hours.

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