Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | November 13, 2015

Artifact of the Week. Certificate of Competency as MASTER of the INLAND WATERS, GEORGE GILBERT CHILDS, 1916.


The vellum Master Mariner’s certificate awarded to George Gilbert Childs, March, 1916.  Unfortunately the bottom is not shown as the certificate is too big to fit on my scanner.  Childs was born in Gloucester, England on September 23, 1882, and died March 11, 1957.  He came to Canada no later than 1905.

This certificate along with photographs of vessels Childs sailed the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes and related documents were kindly donated to the Museum by his grand daughters Lynne Giannini and Cathryn Sinclair in memory of Clare, Leorene, Marion and Bruce Childs.


The Steamship CORONA was constructed in 1896.  Childs served on the CORONA from 1914 to 1915 as Mate, his ability was described as “Good” and his character as “sober good.”


The KINGTON was built in 1901 and sailed the St. Lawrence to Prescott.  Childs served on this vessel as Second Mate from 1905 to 1909.  Captain Henry Esford recommended “…him as a first class man sober and trustworthy.”  He served again under Captain A.E. Stevenson from 1920 to 1929.  He wrote that “I have always found him sober efficient and attentive to his duties, and to take much pleasure in recommending him to anyone requiring his services.”


An early 20th century photograph of the crew of the KINGSTON.


George Childs, Second Mate, SS KINGSTON.



Captain Childs standing next to the Captain’s cabin.


The SS RAPIDS KING sailing down the St. Lawrence.


Captain Childs, centre on the SS DALHOUSIE CITY.


The SS DALHOUSIE CITY was built in Collingwood in 1911.

The Archives at the Cornwall Community Museum has photographs and documents on many of the vessels that sailed the St. Lawrence.


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