Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | November 29, 2015

Bitten by Mad Dog


scan0012This letter sent from Sophiasburgh, Prince Edward County by H. Willcocks, July 20, 1809 gives a remedy for mad dog bites.

This letter along with a series of early land deeds for Stormont and Glengarry Counties was generously donated to the Cornwall Community Museum by John Johnston son of Douglas and Alberta Johnston, Toronto.

If you can help with information about the following transcript or provide further details about Willcocks please feel free to provide them.


Dear Sir,
Having understood there is a person of your acquaintance that has been bit by a mad dog & knows no remedy — therefore I that it my duty to send him these few attacks for fear that he had no Shur (sic) Remedy for that Complaint which has generally been considered incurable if the person thinks proper to try the Experiment he will Take One of those small powders on an empty Stomach & followed by a decoction of Linseed to promote a gentle purification the patient must wait two days & then take the other as above & then promote a purification as followed after taking the former Dose — after waiting some few Days it will be [xxx] to administer a catarrh as about six gr. (grains) gal, fifteen gr. Juliper (Juniper ?), or in proportion to the Constitition of the person — this Experiment I have known tried on Eight persons of my acquintance which has proved Effectual.
__ As not knowing the person affected with the Carmini Madness it will Requisite for him to ask the advise of Some Physician and let him attend During the Opposition.

Sophiasburgh 20 July 1809
Country Prince Edward
The Bay of Quinty

H. Willcocks


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