Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | December 3, 2015

Artifact of the Week. Peddler’s License, United Counties SD & G.


Leather “pedlar’s” license issued in 1928 to car dealer N.A. McIntosh.scan0002


Printed tavern license awarded to Michael Casey proprietor of American House (aka King George Hotel), Cornwall, Feb. 24th, 1873.


Dominion Hall,  circa 1867 (aka American House, King George Hotel), Cornwall.  This structure was originally built as a private residence.  Over the years the name was changed to fit the political mood of the times.  Never occupied as a house the building was used as a Court House, barracks, concert hall, ballroom and hotel.  The third floor mansard roof was added in the 1870s when it became the American House.


Handwritten tavern license, Feb. 27, 1872.

This is to certify that William W. Hanes of the Township of Osnabruck has complied with all the requirements of the Laws of this Province and the Bylaws of this Municipality relating to Shop and Tavern license, and that upon payment of the Provincial fees he shall be entitled to receive a Tavern license for his Tavern situated upon Lot No. 8 in the 1st Concession of the Township of Osnabruck.

Council Hall, Osnabruck, February 27th, 1872.

Jas. Burton                                                                Jonah Coulthart, Reevescan0005


Benefit Ball, Wales, Ontario, 1877.



A rare 5 inch by 7 inch tintype of the Hanes House aka Connelly House, Wales Ontario.  As a tintype image was positive to positive the image is reversed and “YREVIL” Livery.


An 1889 ad for the Connelly House.  It wasn’t unusual for copywriters to enhance a advertiser’s business with a misleading image.  The real Connelly House did not have a tour and the third floor was a mansard roof.

The ad read:  First Class in Every Particular And in Close Connection the Railway

Sample Rooms for Commercial Men, suitably fitted up.



Connelly House, Wales Ontario.

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