Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | December 13, 2015

Historic Cornwall – Northern Heights

Northern Heights was one of the subdivisions in the former Cornwall Township that became a Cornwall neighbourhood on January 1, 1957 when the City annexed much of the Township.  The name Northern Heights no longer appears on Cornwall maps.

The Veterans Land Act (V.L.A.) of 1942 provided financial assistance to veterans to establish themselves as farmers or small businessmen. In 1950 the Act was broadened to assist veterans wishing to construct their own homes under the Build Your Own Home program. Loans could be amortized for up to 35 years with an interest rate of between 5% and 8%. The program also offered construction training courses. Associated legal fees were often covered. At times the Veterans Land Administration laid out its own subdivisions.

The west side of small section of Pitt Street (then known as St. Andrews Road) between McKenzie and Wellington was chosen as a V.L.A. subdivision named Northern Heights. Highway 401 intersects the subdivision.

Leonard HartAfter the War, Leonard Hart returned to Cornwall and in 1952 began work on his 20′ x 40′ bungalow in Cornwall’s newest subdivision. He was the first in the neighbourhood to have an in-ground swimming pool.

In this Standard-Freeholder photo taken by Leonard Hart we see Lucien (Lou) Bray, George Cameron, Raymond Leroux, Garard Samson, Bob MacDonell, Henri Tessier, Lee Sawinski, Lionel Bray, Steve Ayotte, Marcel Bray, Real Allaire, Rollie Bourbonnais, Brad Lewis, George Cardinal, Ernest Racine and George Sawinski.

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