Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | December 16, 2015

Photographs of the Week. Glengarry Memorial Hospital Alexandria


Glengarry Memorial Hospital in Alexandria was officially opened on May 12, 1965.

Ground breaking ceremonies of the new hospital took place in 1964 and were officiated by Ramond Poirier, Gabe Aubry, Laurent Major, Archibald MacDonell, Alfred Joanette, Norman MacLeod and Lloyd McHugh.


People lining up to view the new Glengarry Memorial Hospital, 1965.


To mark the 40th anniversary of the hospital  organizers wrote:

Every organization, whether it is a business, social club or sports league, needs a champion or a group of champions to get it going.  In 1960, a group of champions banded together to form the first Board of Directors.  They dedicated their time for 4 years of planning and 1 year of construction to officially open the doors of Hopital Glengarry Memorial Hospital on May 12, 1965.  These champions were Gabe Aubry, Lloyd McHugh, Andre Comeau, Larry Simon, Bruno Massie, Gerard Brunet, George Simon, F. Fitzgerald, Elie Dav id, D.A. Gray, S. Fennell, Scott Fraser, Alex McNaughton, Roy MacMillan, L. Sicard, O. Poirier and Dr. D.J. Dolan.


On April 3,  1965 the “Standard-Freeholder” reported “Attractive ward, is typical of top flight facilities which will be available to resident of Glengarry and nearby counties when Memorial Hospital opens at Alexandria.  Foreground:  Miss Wanda Hitchcock, new director of nursing and Mrs. Nicole Trudell, adjusts pillow on hospital bed.


The same article noted “Mrs. Nicole Trudell of Alexandria, answers phone at nursing station as nurse approaches along hallway of attractive new Glengarry Memorial Hospital.  Corridors are quiet these days as finishing touches are added and new equipment installed.  But hospital will be a beehive of activity early in May when 40-bed institution will welcome first patients.


Another article in the “Standard-Freeholder” said:  “Miss Wanda Hitchcock, R.N., director of nursing points out latest in fine operating room equipment which has been installed at Glengarry Memorial Hospital at Alexandria.  Operating table is constructed in five sections to provide the ultimate in patient comfort.  Excellent lighting will also aid staff in caring for surgical needs of Glengarry residents.”

These are just a few photographs in the archives at the Cornwall Community Museum that cover nearly all of SD & G’s communities.  They are available for viewing at the museum.


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