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Historic Cornwall – Laflecheville

This area was part of Cornwall’s western gore, Lot 12 in the 1st Concession (163 acres), which was granted by the Crown to Timothy Johnston on February 22, 1806.  From Johnston it passed to George Haley on December 26, 1811. Haley in turn sold it to Henry Waggoner on March 8, 1815.  In his will, Henry passed it to Jacob Waggoner on October 25, 1832.  On July 7 of 1835, William Mattice purchased the land.  Subsequently that tract of land was split into smaller parcels, including Beaconsfield, which the elder Mattice willed to his son Corydon on August 25, 1881.

Laflecheville was one of the early suburbs in the former Cornwall Township that became a Cornwall neighbourhood on January 1, 1957 when the City annexed much of the Township.  The name Laflecheville no longer appears on Cornwall maps.

From 1904-1913, the areas which became known as Laflecheville and Fairview (2nd to 5th and Cumberland to Wood Lane/later Brookdale) housed a pre-cursor to the current Cornwall Golf and Country Club. It was the third in a succession of five golf club sites, culminating with the present site on the former Guy Carleton Colquhoun farm.

In 1922, Plan 68 was officially registered for the subdivision known as Laflecheville.  Originally Laflecheville was bounded on the north by Cornwall Township (Fifth Street West), on the east by Fairview, on the west by Cornwall Township (Brookdale Avenue) and on the south by Beaconsfield (Second Street West). The aerial view below from 1965 is looking south toward 2nd St W.


Some of the street numbering was different than today. At that time Brookdale Avenue ran north from Second Street West; the section of road between Spruce (Water Street West) and Second Street West was older and was called Gregor Avenue in Beaconsfield. Brookdale’s numbering originally started at 2nd St. W. and now (2015) starts at Water St. W. Also, some houses on the numbered streets were renumbered due to the Annexation.

It was sometimes erroneously spelled as Lafleshville, possibly due to American influence. Alexander Lafleche (1861-1946) was a local building contractor who was born in Potsdam, NY. He was married three times, had three sons and three daughters. In 1927 Alex, Matilde and Rhea Lafleche lived at 510 Third St W, his son Joseph (a carpenter) and Margot Lafleche lived at 51 Gulf St and another son Wilfrid (finisher at HSPM) and Mercie Lafleche lived at 33 1/2 Brookdale Avenue. One of his daughters was married to Jos. Peter Ruest, a grocer at 3 Brookdale Ave. Lily, another daughter was married to John L. Miller; they lived at 27 Brookdale Avenue. Alex’s daughter Lena Jarvo was a widow living at 31 Brookdale and then (5)10 Third St W in 1937.

This is Alex Lafleche’s 1946 death notice, which plainly identifies him as the man behind the neighbourhood name:

Lafleche Obit_1946-11-07

In the 1933/34 City Directory we see G.A. Labrosse  operating a grocery store at 14 Gulf St and C.H. Smith grocer at 11 Gulf St pictured below. The Smith family home (corner of Gulf and 3rd St W) can be seen in the background of this early 1960s photo. Both structures still stand.

Smith store_Laflecheville_DS Cr

The 1951 City Directory contains an advertisement for the store:
1951_scan0087_Smith Grocer

Dan Lalonde grocer_1951 DirAlso in 1951, Dan Lalonde was operating a small grocery at the intersection of 4th and Gulf Streets.

Here is a depiction of Laflecheville now (2015):


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