Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | December 27, 2015

Photograph of the Week. Trinity (Bishop Strachan Memorial) Church, Cornwall.


An Edwardian era postcard of Trinity (Bishop Strachan Memorial) Church, looking east.   Note the street car running down the street, the post office tower is visible in the background.  This is the second church.  The first church held its first service in Cornwall on January 26, 1806.  The cornerstone for the second church was laid on June 24, 1869.

Plan of Pews_1In days past, parishioners paid for the use of their assigned pews. This update-able historic pew plan now hangs in a hallway outside of the church sanctuary.


A receipt dated January 1st, 1847 for pew rental.  The last pew rent was paid in 1923.


A carte-de-visite of John Strachan, DD, LLD., Lord Bishop of Toronto, circa 1867.  Dubbed the “Father” of the Church of Upper Canada, Strachan was ordained a priest on June 3rd, 1804, he remained Rector of Cornwall until May 25, 1812 when he moved to York (Toronto).  He became Bishop of Toronto on August 4, 1839.  In Cornwall Strachan is famous for opening the Eastern District Grammar School, perpetuated today by Cornwall Collegiate Vocational School. John Strachan Anglicized his name (which he pronounced as Strawn), but in Scotland the name is pronounced as spelled.scan0090_WM


Trinity during the winter of 1940.  The church tower was originally designed for a steeple, but the alluvial till the church stands on made it impossible to safely construct one until lighter building materials became available in the 1980s.


The first organ was acquired in 1839.scan0093 Fx_WM

scan0094 Fx_WM


The High altar.


The rectory  built in 1906 for $6,000, now the home of Tri-County Literacy Council. The side verandah has been removed and other features covered over.


scan0097Mountain Memorial Hall, pond and garden, ca. 1950.

These are just a few of the photographs and documents of Trinity Church, available for viewing in the archives at your Cornwall Community Museum.

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