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House of Refuge & Industry

There can be many reasons for encountering “brick walls” when researching one’s family tree. Sometimes the relative was in an institution for a time.


Cornwall Twp (Glebe District) – House of Industry & Refuge

In the early 1900’s hospitals were opened for the insane or handicapped and children went to detention homes. In June of 1911 the sod was turned and in October of the same year the House of Refuge opened on the Glebe Road (11th St E today). The 140 acre property, half of which was under cultivation when it opened, was designed to house 30 “inmates” and swelled to 100+ by 1949.  Grounds keeping was initially performed using jail labour. 906 “inmates” are known to have been housed there between 1913 and 1952. At least 45 persons were buried at the site in “pauper’s graves” between 1913 and 1939. Some of the unmarked graves were unearthed during two separate excavations. In 1985 29 of these were re-interred at St. Lawrence Valley Cemetery; a collective monument was erected at the cemetery in 2016.

The information contained on this page is a matter of public record and is provided here as a convenience to researchers.

1927 City Directory – House of Industry “inmates”
Alguire, Lyman
Ashworth, Minnie
Ault, John
Baker, Slim
Barlow, Ellen
Beckstead, Wallace
Bradley, Theresa
Brennan Frank
Brown, Robert
Cartier, Phoebe
Cooper, Henry
Eamon, Maranda
Fusee, Maggie inmate
Gallinger, Katie
Gallinger, Sidney
Gibb, William
Harts, Percy
Heluier, James
Henry, Lottie
Hills, Fred
Jackson, Frank
Johnson, William
Lama, Philip
Link, Peter
Martin, Mary
Masson, Roche
McConnell, Esther
McConnell, Margaret
McCrimmon, Christy
McDonald, James
McDonald, Sophia
McElroy, William
McIntyre, Christy
McMillan, Katie
McNulty, Neil
Merkley, Jacob
Merkley, Maggie
Munro, Katie
Myers, Maggie
Neill, Richard
Northcott, Joe
Northcott, Mary
Ouderkirk, Theodore
Paupst, Emma
Proulx, Julia
Prunnier, Annas
Rice, Tressa (Theresa per the Register)
Rose, Art
Runions, Margaret
Rupert, Gordon
Ruthford, Robert
St. Louis, Octava
St. Thomas, Michael
Scott, Peter
Seguin, Lydia
Shelby, Anna
Shields, Mary
Silverman, Ida
Stewart, John
Stewart, Katie
Tyo,  A.P.
Tyo, Frederick
Urquhart, William
Vallance, Robert
Warden, George
Winter, Benjamin
Wraught, Millie
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