Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | January 7, 2016

Artifact of the Week. Child’s photograph chair from Duncan Donovan’s studio, Alexandria


This wooden adjustable child’s posing stool was used in the photographic studio of photographer Duncan Donovan of Alexandria (1857 – 1933, came to Alexandria in 1896).

There are five heights, and the adjustable back is held in place with a wing nut (bottom image), and screw made to be held to the base of the seat.

A child was placed on the stool and their coat placed over the back arms to keep them straight and still.  The long exposure times required by 19th and early 20th century photographers made it necessary to prevent subjects from moving.  If they did move their hands for eg., they might very well be a blur or not develop at all.

Stands were used to hold adults still.

This stool was purchased by occasional dealer of Glengarry antiques, David G. Anderson of Williamstown came from the estate of Peter Charlebois of Alexandria successor to Duncan Donovan.scan0032_GTCleanedup


An early 20th century cabinet photograph of a Glengarry couple.





A 19th century photograph of St. Finnan’s Cathedral, Alexandria.scan00381_Interim fix


Is this brick structure next to St. Finnan’s Alexandria’s first Separate School?




scan0042scan0043_Don Fixed


1st row:  J.M. Daigneault, Aube?, L. Courville, C. Parisien, Vaillancourt, Carriere, E. Leger, Paul Denis.

2nd row:  Dr. Laframboise, R. Laframboise, O. Leger, Aube?, Dr. B. Rouleau, G. Dalbec.

3rd row:  A. Chevrier, L. Chevrier ____, Pere P. Breton, Major?, O. Villeneuve.

Photographer:  G. Labelle, Alexandriascan0044_Don fixed



These images and documents are from the archives of the Cornwall Community Museum, the only museum and archives in Eastern Ontario with Federal Museum/Archive status for tax purposes.

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