Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 7, 2016

Artifact of the Week. Amber medicine bottle, E.H. Brown, Druggist Cornwall, Ontario.


An early 19th century cork stoppered medicine bottle, E.H. Brown, Cornwall, Ontario.

E.H. Brown graduated from the College of Pharmacy and the Ontario Optical Institute of Canada and located his store at 156 Pitt Street, Cornwall in 1882.  He sold a variety of drugs, chemicals, medicines, perfumes, toilet articles and fancy goods.  As well her carried and fitted customers with a wide array of glasses and spectacles.  The 1901 CORNWALL STANDARD advertised:

Special preparations of Mr. Brown’s are the Jubilee Plain Magic, for
both internal and external use, which is particularly for recommended
for diarrhea, cholera morbus, summer complaint, pains in the stomach
and bowels, etc. also Fragrant Rosaderma, the most elegant and
delicate preparation for the skin ever invented; Brown’s Family Cough
and Asthma Cure; the Magic Liniment for rheumatism, neuralgia, frost
bites, sprains, North American Stomach and Live Tonic for indigestion and
dyspepsia, etc.



Brown in 1901.


Interior of Brown’ store, 1901.  It measured 20 feet by 70 feet.


Letterhead, 1924.


1926 advertisement.


This is just a single sample of medical Cornwall medicine bottles and medical history in the collection and archives of the Cornwall Community Museum.

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