Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 7, 2016

Photographs of the Week. Summerstown Ontario.


A photograph by W.M. Barclay, photographer, 143 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario.


A 1953 photocard of A.Roy’s ESSO in Summerstown.


A 1960s postcard of the Glendale Hotel/Diner, Summerstown.

Mr. and Mrs. Laurent Bennoit opened the Glendale in 1958 and operated it until 1974.  The resturant did not open until 1961 when it became licensed to sell beer and other spirits.  The building under new ownership is still there, but you can no longer rent rooms.







These are just a very view of the postcards and documents in the files of the archives at the Cornwall Community Museum.

James Begg, Justice of the Peace, Roxborough Township, April 22nd, 1866.

Complaint of Godfrey Perault cooper taken this 20th day of June 1865 before me James Begg one of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace in and for the United Counties of S.D. & G. who saith that Peter Valey of the Township of Roxborough in trespassing on Lot. No. 36 wet half in the Township of Roxborough by cutting timber and that he will not be stopped by him the said Godfrey Rerault.

I Godfrey Perault do solemnly  swear that the above information is correct.

Signed Godfrey “X” Perault

A summons was issued and the parties appeared on the 24th of June after examining witnesses on both sides it was adjudged that Peter Valey do pay one Godfrey Perault the sum of $3.25 cents and costs.

Costs:                        25 cents
summons:                50 cents
hearing the case:     50 cents

total:                       $4.25  (this would represent at least half a week’s wages for a labourer)

A distress warrant was issued on the 22nd of April 1866.

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