Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | March 23, 2016

Artifact of the Week. wicker and plywood bassinet, Lancaster, 1908.


This homemade folding, wicker and plywood bassinet was made in 1908 by John Ranald McDonald, 2nd Concession, Lancaster Township in 1908.  It came to Cornwall with the family in the 1920s and was used by four generations.  In was donated In Memory of Anne and Rob Gauthier by Lillian Hodgson McDonald in 2008.

It is on display in the 1940s bedroom at the Cornwall Museum.

James Begg, Justice of the Peace, Log Book.

Province of Canada – to wit

Be it remembered that this first day of December in the year of Our Lord 1865 Charles Fossie of the Township of Roxborough in his proper person cometh before me James Begg Esquire one of Her Majesty’s Justice of the Peace of the United Counties of SD & G and upon oath maketh complaint that on Tuesday the 28th day of November a black mare was felonioulsy stolen from the barnyard of James Dyer of the Township of Roxborough in the United Counties of SD & G by James Dyer aforesaid and that he  doth suspect that the said mare is concealed in the stable of James Dyer in the said Counties further for he the said Charles Fossie did see the said James Dyer leading the said mare to the stable by the halter and thereupon he said Charles Fossie sayeth that justice may be done on the premises and search Warrant granted.

Taken before me at Roxborough this day of Cec. 1865.  James Begg, JP

Charles “X” (his mark) Fossie

A Warrent was issued in the case of Fossie and Dyer.  The mare was found and Dyer was brought before John McCrae and myself on the 2nd of Dec. upon the examination of William Aumale who testified to have seen the accused James Dyer taking the mare and putting in the stable likewise saw him take the harness off the mare and heard him say he would keep her until he would get his pay.

James Dyer questioned said that the mare belonged to his deceased son and he being his mare he took her.  The Decision of the Court is that James Dyer is guilty of misdemeanor and that he be sent to jail.

the above was settled by defendant paying all costs which were as follows

importation and summons                                       50 cents

summons two witnesses                                           20

one witness                                                                10

trying case                                                                  50


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