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Artifact of the Week. F.H. Weeks’ syrup jug, 1891 – 1900.


glazed light beige ceramic syrup jug made by F.H. Weeks, Akron, Ohio between 1891 and 1910.

Markings on base:  MGF BY XXX Jug patent apld for F.H. Weeks, Akron, O.

donated to the museum in 1957 by Mrs. F. Freeburn from the former village of Moulinette, Ontario.

Log book, James Begg, Justice of the Peace.

Be it remembered that on the 12th day of Dec. in the year of our Lord 1865 at Roxborough in the said United Counties Raphael Webster of Montreal in the Province of Lower Canada who as well for our sovereign Lady the Queen as for himself both prosecute in his behalf personally cometh before me James Begg one of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for said United Counties and informeth me that Alexander Vineburgh oin the Township of Finch and of Roxborough in said United Counties of S.D. & G. shopkeeper, on the 8th day of Dec. in the year aforesaid at the Township of Roxborough and …… aforesaid did sell and vend unto one Michael Duly and John McIntyre a certain quantity of Highwines in less quantity  than one quart contrary to the Statute.  Wherefore the said Raphael Webster sueth as foesaid prayeth the consideration of me this said Justicve in the premises and that the said Alexander Vineburgh may be convicted of the offence aforesaid and are ….of the said forfeiture may be adjudged to our Lady the Queen  and the others …..thereof to the said Raphael Webster according to the …. of Statute in that case made and provided that the said Alex Vineburg may be summoned to appear before me and answer the person and make his defence thereto.

Exhibited before me at, Roxborough on the day of the year above mentioned.

James Begg.

Proceeding of case selling liquor without license the Queen against Alexander Vineburg of the Tonwship of Finch Merchant tried before James Begg and John McRae Justice of the Peace on Wed. the 26th day of Dec. 1865.

John McIntyre sworn and saith that on a certain Saturday being in Alex Vineburg’s store in Roxborough …..merchant duly ask for liquor the clerk told him that he could not sell liquor as he had no license then merchant duly sold candy ninepence worth the clerk laid the candy on the counter could not say how much candy there might be thinks that Michael Duly took the candy did not see  Duly pay the candy saw the clerk  put a pint of liquor on the counter which those present drank suposes that the candy was only bought as pretense  to get the liquor.

cross examined by the defendant.

Says that he heard the clerk say that he could sell no liquor.

cross examined says that Alex and Hugh McMillan were present.

Signed John McIntyre

Michael Duly sworn and sayeth that on Sat. the 9th Dec. he called at Alex Vineburg’s tore in Roxborough said met John McIntyre the preceding witness and got three five cent pieces from him and then called for liquor and got with it three candy sticks and those present drank of the liquor and took the rest away.

cross examined sayeth that the clerk  said nothing regarding that he had no license … … was aware of  it himself then said Duly said that Vineburg was restricted from selling liquor and that part of the liquor was drank in the store.

cross examined by Vineburg sas that he called the clerk in to granary and asked him whether he could give him liquor and that the clerk sayed he would.

Signed Micheal “X” Duly.

The decision of the court is that Alex Vineburg pay $20 fine and cost or in default of good 20 days in gaol.

Costs to constable                                    $3.25

witnesses                                                     1.00

justices                                                         1.20


fine                                                                20.00

total                                                              $25.45

to be paid in three days paid $10 to informer and $10 to municapality.


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