Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | April 9, 2016

Artifact of the Week. Maple Crest Dairy delivery box, Cornwall, Ontario, ca. 1945.

scan0005An insulated aluminum box, meant to hang outside of a house during all weather for home milk delivery from Maple Crest Dairy, Cornwall, ca. 1945.

scan0006The cover of a 1951 dairy calendar.

scan0007This picture peek from the past supplied to the “Standard-Freeholder” by Mrs. Fred Meyer shows the dairy in 1947 when it was operated by Roy Hartle.  From left:  Donald Legue, Fred Meyer, Riel Cardinal, Bud Hart, Pat McCann, Leo Cardinal, Lucinne St. Amour, Jack Kyle, Clifford Shaver.  On the truck – Clarence Moke, Dick and Paul Bowman.

scan0008Ad – 1965.

Maple Crest Dairy was located in the former West Front district. Please follow this LINK to view our feature article on West Front, one in a series on Cornwall’s historic neighbourhoods.

Log Book, James Begg, Justice of the Peace.

The information and complaint of Elias Belskey storekeeper of the Township of Roxborough in said United Counties taken upon oath this 27th day of April in the year of our Lord 1866 before me James Begg one of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for said Court on the said informant saith upon oath that on Wednesday the 25th instant Borice Beauchamp did voluntarily assault and beat this the said Elias Belskey to the injury of his person without a just or legal provocation.

Sworn before me at Roxborough Elias Belsky 26th day of April 1866.

James Begg, J.P.

Settled without trial by defendant paying costs.


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