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Artifact of the Week. Linoprint of CCVS by Grace McLeod Roberts, Cornwall.

scan0001A black and white linoprint by Cornwall artist Grace McLeod Roberts of Cornwall images done circa 1961.

Donated by Judy Bobka in 2013.


Grace McLeod Roberts in her studio in 1966.

Artist and teacher Grace McLeod Roberts was born in MacGrimmon in Glengarry County in 1899.  Doing art from an early age, she started teaching in a one room school in the 1920s.  McLeod Roberts subsequently attended the Ontario College of Education and College of Art, where she studied under Group of Seven Member Arthur Lismer.  After this she moved to Cornwall where she taught both English and art at CCVS and St. Lawrence High Schools for over 40 years.

Known for her ability to recite Shakespeare, shed told “Standard-Freeholder” reporter Mary Gilmour “When I could make one of those boys like and appreciate literature, it was heaven’s first order for me.”  Roberts continued that she got “…her biggest kick out of directing drama at CCVS.”

A painter, Roberts told Gilmour that “I paint because there is some urge in me that makes me want to express myself in this medium.”  She expressed herself by painting landscapes, landmarks, portraits, still life and abstract works.  She told Gilmour that she favoured nature “Whenever I see a brilliant gleam of colours, a pattern of shades in light and dark, I get the urge to paint.”  Roberts shared her appreciation of art by teaching night classes, Saturday children’s programmes, directing the Cornwall Art Assoc. and arranging art exhibits.

This biographical material was kindly given by Joan Levy Earle.

Log Book, James Begg, JP.

The complaint of Frank Dyer taken on oath before me James Begg one of Her Majesty’s Justice of the Peace in and for the said United Counties this 28th day of July 1866 who says that James Yer of the Township of Roxborough yeoman did on the 28th day of July threatened to beat and run through with a pitch fork this complainant and that from the above and other threats used by the said James Dyer towards this complainant aforesaid is afraid that the said James Dyer will do him some bodily harm and therefore prays that the said James Dyer may be required to find sufficient sureties to keep the peace and be of good behaviour towards him this complainant.  And the said Frank Dyer also sayeth that he doth not make this complaint against nor require such sureties from the said James Dyer from any malice or ill will but merely for the preservation of his person from injury.

Sworn before me at Roxborough.  Frank Dyer this 28th day of July 1866, James Begg, JP.

July 30th 1866

Frank Dyer against James Dyer.

William Coleman sworn and says he was working for Frank Dyer cutting rye on the front of No. 27, 6 Con. on the 28th of July saw Jame Dyer coming and picked up a stick and threw it down again before he came up to where they working he came up ___and ordered Frank Dyer off the place and then he told Jeanet M’Donald who was working there to be off and struck her with a root he also sayed to Frank Dyer that he would bring a pitch fork and run im through if he did not leave the place.

William Coleman

James Dyer was bound to keep the peace for one year under penalty of $100 Isaish Shanks giving surety one half the amount.

Expenses paid by plaintiff.

Information and warrant                             50 cents

hearing the case                                             50 cents

summons to witness                                     10 cents

drawing surety                                               50 cents

paid by plaintiff                                           $1.60

plaintiff settled with constable

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