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Artifact of the Week. Victorian Rococo chair with beadwork by Sarah Wood Cameron.


A Victorian Rococo parlour chair.  The beadwork on the chair was done by Sarah Wood Cameron, grand daughter of William Wood Sr., and donated by her daughter Miss Hilda Cameron of Lancaster, On., in 1958.  This chair is still on display in the parlour at the Wood House Museum (Cornwall Community Museum.)


Cabinet photograph of Sarah Wood McDonald by Dubbs, East Tawas, Michigan.


Carte-de-visite of Emma Wood by Ewing Photographer, Port Hope.

Log Book, James Begg, JP.

The complaint of John McEwen Road superintendent for the Township of Roxborough farmer taken before one of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace in and for the said United Counties aforesaid this day Oct. 25th, 1866 the said complaint against L. Wezar, William Cumming, William Shea and John W. Montgomery all of the Township of Roxborough in the Counties aforesaid for none performance of Statute Labour.

John McEwen, taken before me at Roxborough this 25th day of Oct. 1866.

James Begg

J. John Tolmie, Constable of the Township of Roxborough do solemly swear that said L. Wezar with a summons to appear befrore James Begg Esq. for non performance of Statute Labour.

John Tolmie

sworn before me at Rosborough this 30th day of Oct. 1866.  James Begg, JP.

Trial of John McEwen superintendent for the Twp. of Rox. and William R. Cumming, John W. Montgomery, Wm. Shea and L. Wezar (Weagar) all of the Twp of Rox.

John Crawford sworn and says he called at his usual place of residence and left word that he would work on the roads on the following Friday this being on Sat.

John Crawford

the case L. Weagar

James Maloney sworn says he warned L. Weagar and the he came and worked one day and then was notified that they world work the following week.  He did not come the next day but came the day following and worked half a day.

James (X) Maloney

the case of William Shea, John Crawford pathmaster says he warned William Shea on the Mon. that he would work on the Fri. following and he made no objections as to that but did not come.

John Crawford

For the defence in the above case.

John Shea sworn says he heard John Crawford ask him William Shea if he was going to work on the road and did not tell him other time or place.

John Shea

The case of Wm. R. Cumnming, Wm. McIntyre, pathmaster of the 5th Con. of the Twp of Rox. County of Stormont sworn and says he called on a particular day at his father’s house and gave notices 4 days before the time of working and appointed time and place.

Wm. McIntyre

Robert Cumming on behalf of the defendant sworn but would not say the he the defendant did not get 4 days notice.

Robert Cumming

The case of John W. Montgomery of the Twp of Rox. in the Co. of Stormont Mr John Montgomery of the Twp of Rox. sworn and says that John Crawford pathmaster called some time before the statute labour commenced gave notice that the statute labour would be worked on the following Fri. but did not mention the name of John W. Montgomery says there was some conversation about the young men of the place and that of the young men of the place worked that he John W. Montgomery would work.


Jenett Montgomery of the Twp. of Rox and Co. of Stormont sister of the defendant sworn and says that John Crawford called at their house on Sat. previous to the performing of the statute and told her to tell John W. Montgomery that he was here and nothing more.

Ellen Jenett Montgomery

John Crawford summoned and says that he told when asked by Montgomery that he was to commence the work on the following Fri.

John Crawford

The decision of the Court us that John W. Montgomery be convicted for this offence to pay all costs and two dollars for the two days statute labour and a fine of $2 or be sent to goal for 10 days.

The cases of L. Weazer, Wm. Cumming and Wm. Shea be postponed until the 7th of Nov.

Wm. Cumming settled with the Justice by paying all costs which amounted to $3.65.

Wm. Shea and L. Weazer were given to the 14th to perform their statute labour and pay costs and in default to be convicted and sent to jail for 10 days.


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