Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | May 11, 2016

Artifact of the Week. Dinner gong, Cline House Cornwall.


Silverplate on nickle dinner bell with brass gong used by the Cline Family at the Cline House Cornwall.  Donated to the museum in 2012 by a family member.


The Cline house with its “birdcage” awning over the porch.

The House was built in the 1850s for Margaret Dickinson Cline and Samuel Cline.  It became the home of the Cornwall Public Library in 1956.


Cline House dining room.


A close-up photograph of the dining room.


Cline House parlour.  The sewing box in the middle left under the arch was donated to the museum in 2012 and is now on display in our parlour.


Stairwell Cline House.  Two of the three paintings hanging in the stairwell are now on display in the stairwell of the Cornwall Community Museum.


The Cline House in 1978 with the Kinsmen Library addition.

Log Book, James Begg, JP

The complaint of John D. Urquart of the Twp of Roxborough in the said United Counties farmer, taken upon oath before me the undersigned one of Her majesty’s Justices of the Peace in and for the said United Counties at Rox. in the said United Counties this 15th day of Dec. 1866 AD who saith that on a certain Wed. in the month Nov. 1866 Donald Dewar did make use of obscene language on the Highway on the 7th Concession of Rox. contrary to a certain by-law of the County Council of SDG and that Farquar Dear is a material witness for the prosecution.

John D. Urquart

Taken and sworn before me the day and year and place above mentioned.

James Begg JP

Received 50 cents on the above complaint.


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