Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | May 14, 2016

Tour of Historic St. Andrews West Ontario.


A World War I era postcard showing St. Andrews West Catholic Church and the Presbytery.


Father James A. Wylie.  Father Wylie served at Glen Nevis from 1945 to 1956 when he was transferred to St. Andrews.  He went on to become Vicar-General before he died in 1978.


Father John Donihee shows a pair of altar boys the Spanish Altar in St. Andrews Church.


Member of the Catholic Women’s League in St. Andrews from left, Mrs. Inez Wheeler, centre Edith (McIntosh) McPhail and second from the right Kathleen McMillan.





1926 ad.




Quinn’s Inn.  The Inn was constructed in 1865 as a hotel and tavern for John Sandfield Macdonald.  In his will he stipulated that the basement be available to local parishioners for hosting wedding parties or wakes for 20 years after his death.  Between 1895 and 1989 the building housed a general store.  It was returned to its original purpose as a restaurant and banquet hall in 1991.  It takes its name Quinn’s Inn from Nolan Quinn, who along with Bryan Barker restored the building in 1990.

scan0011Postcard St. Andrews Convent, 1912.



This is a small example of the photographs and documents the Cornwall Community Museum archives relating to St. Andrews West.

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