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Artifact of the Week. Key to City, Cornwall Old Home Week, 1946.


Aluminum key to the City, for Cornwall’s Old Home Week, August, 1946.  This key was donated to the Cornwall Community Museum in 2002.

scan0016Image taken from the 1946 Old Home Week Souvenir Booklet and Programme.

scan0017Cornwall’s Old Home Week” SEARCH FOR TALENT, amateur radio & stage show, broadcast from the Capitol Theatre stage.

Master of Ceremonies:  Harry Hertz, Reg. Kyte, Radio announcer, Art Bonhomme.

Left to right:  Reg. Kyte, Mrs. McRae, piano accompanist; Mrs. Melvin Begg, Chester Dapo, pianist, Lucille Brunet, George Bero, Joyce Kyer, Shirley Baker, Eileen Crites, Pipe Major George Montgromery, Art Bonhomme, Harry Hertz.



These are just some items in the collection at the museum relating to Cornwall’s 1946 Old Home Week.

Log Book, James Begg, Justice of the Peace

The information of and complaint of Alex Lalonde of the Township of Roxborough and County of Stormont taken the 24 day of Dec. in the year of Our Lord 1866 before the undersigned one of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace in and for the said Counties of SDG who saith that Peter Valey and Benjamin Vileneuvue Trustess of School Section No. 16 in the Twp. of Rox. have neglected to call a public meeting to have the accounts audited before the 22nd of Dec. instant.

his mark Alex Lalonde

Sworn before me at Rox this 24th day of Dec. 1866.  James Begg JP

Depositions of Witnesses in the case of Alex Lalonde against trustees Valey and Vileneuve.

The examination of Theophal Bennett and Lewis … of the Twp of Rox. taken on oath this 29th day of Dec. 1866 at Rox in the Counties of SDG before the undersigned one of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the said Counties in the presence and hearing of Peter Valey and Benjamin Vilneueve who is charged this 24th instant for neglect of calling a public school meeting before the 22nd of Dec. according to Law to have the accounts audited the deponent T. Bennet saith as follows that he never heard of any meeting being called or he never saw any public notice telling the same.

his mark T.  Bennet

and this deponent Lewis Lalonde saith so follows that he knows of no meeting being called for the purpose of auditing….

his mark Lewis Lalonde

The judgement of the Court is that Peter Valey and Benjamin Vileneuve to pay a fine of $5 each to be paid in 6 days or be sent to jail for 10 days and pay all cost in the above case.

Note:  Vileneuve may also be Valnance, the spelling varies throughout the document.


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