Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | May 28, 2016

Postcards Cornwall Canal


The Farrandoc at Lock 17 in the Cornwall Canal, circa 1950.


Entrance to the Cornwall Canal, looking west.


The Motor Vessel Huron going through the locks at the east end of the Cornwall Canal, late 1940s.scan0006

The Motor Vessel Erie sailing east to the locks in the Cornwall Canal.


Dry Dock Cornwall Canal,  The Dundas Mill is the building with the square topped tower, the Canada Mill is in the distance and Mack’s Mill is the brick building in the centre.scan0008The Cornwall Canal turning south from Water Street, looking East.  The Dundas Mill is in the distance in the upper right.


The swing bridge is in the centre.  A single bridge abutments may still be found in the park.  The Stormont Mill is on the left.  The site is now occupied by the Cornwall Musuem.

scan0010The swing bridge looking east from the Stormont Mill.  Once a park and the site of the 1784 Loyalist Landing, the road led to the original Cornwall Harbour.  The site is now occupied by the splashpad and public washrooms.  An exercise park will be placed near the flower gardens in the centre.  The Canada Steamship Lines office is the white building on the left bank of the canal, above the swing bridge.  Present day Lamoureux Park was still river.


A steamer sailing east through the opened swing bridge.

scan0012 The steamer Grey Beaver sailing east through the open swing bridge.  The original Hotel Dieu is seen in the background.


This appears to be a naval vessel docked just east of the Intnerational Bridge.


This is a sample of the postcards depicting the Cornwall Canal in the archives of the Cornwall Community Museum.



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