Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | July 30, 2016

Artifact of the Week. Paperweight Steamship “Empire State,” circa 1900.


Glass paperweight with a sepia image and wording:  Compliments AMERICAN LINE to Montreal, Henry Folger, Pres. Steamer, Empire State, ca. 1900.


Pre World War I postcard.

scan0142 Brochure cover.

The Thousand Island and St. Lawrence River Steamboat Companies sailed the steamers America, Empire State and New York from Clayton to take passengers up and down the river on the American Line in the later years of the 19th century.

The company said that their steamers:

…are up-to-date boats, constructed especially for the St. Lawrence River route upon the most advanced lines of modern ship building.  They have luxurious cabins and promenade decks, and their tasteful furnishings are complete in every detail.

The beautiful spacious dining rooms on the main deck, with their generous plate glass windows, are equipped with individual tables…The skillful arrangement affords passengers the rare privilege of enjoying the excellent meals without missing any of the unparalleled scenery.  The cuisine if of the first order, no expense being spared to make the dining room service as perfect as culinary skill can devise.  These graceful boas are brilliantly lighted by electricity, and equipped with the most powerful type of marine electric lights.

The steamers all burn anthracite coal, which account for their immaculate cleanliness, and the entire absence of smoke (the objectionable feature of a steamboat trip) resulting in the well merited distinction of the “White Squadron.”  They are readily recognised by the New York Central shield and letter “F” on the white smoke stacks.

They carry no freight down the rapids.

This is a small example of the many postcards, photographs and artifacts in the archives at the Cornwall Community Museum.



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