Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | August 3, 2016

Photographs of the Week – Brookdale Lane becomes Brookdale Ave., Cornwall.

scan0002Lawrence Hebert on Brookdale Lane, 1941.

Ca. 1927, the section located in historic Beaconsfield between Water Street (Spruce Street at the time) and Second Street was called Gregor Avenue.

In the early 1900s the section bordering on what later became Laflecheville was known as Wood’s Lane (the Jonas Wood, UEL farm was to the immediate west.)

Brookdale Ave. was no more than a country lane until the opening of the Seaway International Bridge in 1962 when it became not only the entrance to Cornwall, but Canada.scan0003Looking south on Brookdale Ave. from 7th St. to the Rotary Circle and Bridge, June 6, 1962.

The Rotary Circle was officially dedicated on Canada Day, 1986 with Lt. Gov. Lincoln Alexander of Ontario raised the Canadian flag in the centre.  Provincial flags were officially raised on Thanksgiving Day 1987.

The street took its name from nearby Fly Creek.scan0004Photograph July 7, 1962.  The former C.I.L. facility, opened in 1934 is on the right.  The Brookdale Mall opened in 1968 , in the foreground in a former wood lot.

scan0005This pre-1968 photograph by Carl Malcolm  shows 7th St. W. in the centre.

scan0006Cornwall looking west, Brookdale Ave. is in the centre of the photograph and the newly opened Brookdale Mall can be seen behind the traffic circle, ca. 1968.

scan0007Brookale Ave, looking north from 11th St.  Kentucky Fried Chicken and Mcdonald’s can both be made out in the lower left hand corner.

scan0008The east side of Brookdale Ave. looking north towards Tollgate Road.

This is a sample of the photographs depicting Cornwall’s streets in the archives of the Cornwall Community Museum.





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