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Cornwall Football Club Minute Book, 1899 donation to Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame.


This minute book will be presented to the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame from the SD & G Historical Society as part of our transfer of historic archival items.

page one

The Cornwall Foot-Ball Club

Cornwall Tuesday Feb. 21, 1899

General Meeting of Cornwall Foot-Ball Club held in the Balmoral Hotel parlour Tuesday evening Feb. 21st 1899.

A very large attendance.

Shortly after 8 o’clock as President was not present P.E. Charlebois moved that C.A. Roach be elected Charman until Pres. arrived, Seconded by B.W. Collison.

The motion have been carried Mr. Roach  was the Chair and in a few remarks explained the object of the meeting and then called the Sec. for his report.

The Sec. R.W. Collison gave an account of last assembly held on Friday evening.

Received cash down                                     $25.50

paid Mr. Laroque for supper                                                $9.50

paid Fleck & Carpenter for hall                                              12.00

paid postage                                                                                 1.00

paid printing invitations & envelopes                                       2.75

25.50                  25.25

leaving balance of                                              25 cents

The Secretary then explained how that owing to the change in the office of Sec/Treas when he was elected Sec. but Mr. Greyson retained Treas. that he could not give a report for the rest of the year

The President, Henry Larose having arrived he took the chair.

The matter of forming a League was then brought before the meeting and was discussed by P.J. Lally, Edwin Smith, C.A. Roach, Wm. Houston, B.W. Collison and others.

It was then moved by Edwin Smith, seconded by C.A. Roach that a league be formed to comprise team from Iroquois, Morrisburgh, Chesterville, Alexandria, Valleyfield & Cornwall and that the Sec. be instructed to write these several towns  asking them to send a representative to a meeting 9 delegates to be held in Cornwall at a date to be decided upon by the Executive.  Carried.

The Minute Book Continues to November, 1899.

It came from the law offices of Leitch and Pringle and was donated to the SD & G Historical Society in 1993 by Mrs. E.J. Elder of Prescott.


Crest for the Cornwall Football club.


Crosbie’s Balmoral Hotel, circa 1899, aka King George Hotel among other names.

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