Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | August 25, 2016

Photographs of the Week. Whittaker Brothers Flower and Gift Shop, Cornwall.

Brothers Henry E. and John J. Whittaker opened their fruit and vegetable store east of the Cornwall Athletic Grounds (Joe St. Denis Field) in 1888.  The family moved here from Doon when the brothers were quite young.

Green houses_CR_WMIn 1903 they received an order from Ottawa of 10,000 carnations for the Easter trade.

By World War I they were wholesaling flowers and built their business around snapdragons, gladiolus, mums and roses.



Whittaker Brothers Florist Labour Day float outside of their 302-304 Baldwin Ave. greenhouse and florist shops, 1950s.


Greenhouse complex, Baldwin Ave., Cornwall. During its prime, the business boasted of 10 acres of well-cultivated land and 50,000 square feet under glass. In addition to their local market, daily shipments were made to Montreal and Ottawa.


In the 1940s Whittaker Brothers also had a retail outlet at 12 2nd St. W.

Henry died in January of 1944 having suffered a heart attack right after a vehicle accident. Henry’s son, W. Mack Whittaker, was a member of the firm. He and John continued the operation.

304 Baldwin_Whittaker Bros_1958_King's DauBy 1958 the gift shop had expanded to 20 2nd St. W.


The Baldwin Ave. greenhouse and store in 1984.

302 Baldwin_Whittaker_Dylan Frampton_1The entire operation quietly faded into history in May of 2010. The residence to the south is still occupied, albeit by new owners.

302 Baldwin_2018_Going_going_goneThe City had gained ownership of the property due to a large amount of back taxes. Sadly trees ended up growing through the roof of the greenhouse and it became a refuge for feral cats and an attraction for “explorers”. As a result and having no use nor buyer for the property, the City had a contractor demolish the green house in December of 2018 (photo sequence above).

304 baldwin ave_60175_116 and 170_webAnyone looking for a great building lot?

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