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Photographs of the Week. Some Cornwall Schools.


On June 24, 1967, the “Standard-Freeholder” reported:


Typical of new schools which have been rising rapidly in city and district in recent years is General Vanier Secondary School on Cumberland St., depicted here in architect’s sketch.  School is now appearing completion and will open for classes this fall.  It will also serve as temporary quarters for St. Lawrence College of Applied Arts.  Cost of building and equipment in in the $4 million range.


The finished product.  One new feature of high schools in the 1960s was the addition of a parking lot for students!


The new Immaculate Conception, McConnell Ave., Cornwall.scan0118

Riverdale Seperate School, now known as St. Anne, November 25, 1957.


Cornwall’s first St. Lawrence High School, McConnell Ave.


An aerial view of St. Lawrence High School and Immaculate Conception, late 1960s.

This photograph shows the $1,958,912 vocational addition to St. Lawrence H.S. after it was added in 1968.

The original school opened in 1950 with 375 students.  Built just east of the City limits, it was one of the first schools in Ontario to offer a bilingual education.

Nicknamed “the school on the other side of the iron curtain” by students at CCVS, St. Lawrence became Cornwall Township’s school for students living east of Marlborough and west of Cumberland Sts.






Can anyone help me identify this school?  Is is Memorial Park, or Bishop MacDonell or?


Could this be the official opening of Bishop MacDonell, on May 30, 1968?

scan0128 On April 7, 1951 the “Standard-Freeholder” reported that the Department of Education tentatively approved the expenditure of approximately $95,000 for a new four room school for 125 students at Eamer’s Corners.


This is a small selection of the material regarding education in Cornwall in the files of the archives of the Cornwall Community Museum.


  1. Hello there,

    I believe the school in question where you asked if it Memorial Park or Bishop is unmistakably St. Columban’s East, possibly during the building stages.

  2. The 3rd picture posted on this page looks a lot more like Saint-Gabriel on Sunnyside St. then Immaculate conception on McConnell?

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