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South Dundas District High School and other schools past and present in SD & G.


A postcard showing a newly opened South Dundas District High School, Iroquois.  The school opened in 1957 with 190 students.  In 1960 four more classrooms were added.  The school was still too small to handle the postwar baby boom.  As Iroquois was the region’s geographic centre, plans were made in 1965 to turn the school into South Dundas District High, leading to the closures of Morrisburg and Williamsburg Townships’ high schools and the introduction of widespread busing.


Morrisburg Collegiate Institute, 1936.


A wooden postcard with a felt maple leaf and photograph of the original Morrisburg Collegiate Institute, 1906.

scan0063Postcard of the High School, Iroquois.

Iroquois’ first school opened in 1846.  Within a year 30 male and 25 female students were enrolled.  In 1886, the grammar school was replaced with this two-story brick structure.

scan0062Assembly Room, Iroquois High, ca, 1900.


Aultsville’s school  was constructed (foreground) in 1864 with the school on the first floor and public meeting hall on the second floor.  By 1957, this four room high school, designed for 35 students had 144 pupils.  To handle the overcrowding before Rothwell-Osnabruck was opened in Ingleside, the local school:

…board rented two unheated rooms in a nearby vacant house owned

by Ontario Hydro.  The room were so cold students had to wear their

outdoor clothes.  (Standard-Freeholder, Jan. 14, 1957.)


A postcard showing the Public School and Fraternity Hall, Aultsville.

The Hall became a battle ground between Ontario Hydro and the Masons and Oddfellows.  Hydro told them that they had to leave, but both organizations refused to budge until Hydro promised to build a new hall.  Hydro expropriated the building and then forced the issue by ripping the first fall of the building out and then cutting off the power forcing the Masons to use a gas generator to hold their meetings on the second floor.

The Ontario and Canada Research Councils then set the building alight in 1958 to learn how to manage fires before an agreement could be reached.

The Masons eventually found a new home in Ingleside, calling their Lodge, the Farran-Ault Lodge No. 246 to maintain a link with the two lost villages they were associated with.


Rothwell Public School officially opened Dec. 6, 1957 in Ingleside.

This is a very small sampling from the files of local education history in the archives at the Cornwall Community Museum.



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