Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | October 27, 2016

Photographs of the Week. Cornwall Civic Complex has a birthday.

scan0009Sod turning ceremony for the Cornwall Civic Complex, Feb. 1, 1975.  Shown with spades from left to right: Ed Lumley, MP for Stormont-Dundas, Cornwall Mayor Gerald Parisien, George Samis, MPP, behind the mayor and Donald Irvine, Minister of Housing for Ontario.

scan0010 The Civic Complex took 21 months to complete.  The $8 million Complex opened in October 1976.  It houses the Ed Lumley Arena with a maximum seating capacity of 5,500 and a convention centre.

Cornwall and SD & G are unique in Ontario, in that Public Structure and Places in this area are frequently named after a politician while they are still alive.  Examples:  The Chevrier Building, Lamoureux Park etc.  Former NDP, MPP George Samis pointed this out to me.  He suggested that perhaps the politicians didn’t want to be forgotten, and he may have had a point, I can’t think of any buildings etc named in George’s honour.


October 1977.  Note that Horovitz Park is still complete and that the Cornwall Square is not built.


1984, showing the newly opened Marina 200.  The Marina was called “200” due to the fact it was opened during Cornwall’s Bicentennial year in 1984.


scan0015Bill Upper, Civic Complex Manager, 1986.

scan0017The convention staff preparing a banquet at the Complex, 1983.

scan0018The Ice Follies in the Lumley Arena, 1980.

scan00191999 pamphlet.

scan0016Allan Harrington, Convention Manager, Civic Complex, 1983.


This is a small sample of the photographs and archival material regarding the Cornwall Civic Complex and other Municipal buildings in the archives at the Cornwall Community Museum.



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