Posted by: Manager / Associate Curator | November 4, 2016

John Sandfield Macdonald Desk – Memorial Donation

It’s always wonderful when we discover that some of our blog posts are really resonating with you our readers. A case in point is our post on an historic Cornwall business, Julius Resnick. Resnick assembled handbags at their Saunders Drive location; we shared this post ( LINK ) concerning Resnick. Harry Blitstein, Resnick’s owner, died recently and his daughter Paula decided to Google “Julius Resnick” to see what she might discover. She was so happy to locate our post (the only one anywhere) that she called to offer thanks and to initiate the process of making a memorial donation in honour of her dad.



On October 19th we had the pleasure of hosting a mini-reunion for Paula, her mom Zippe (Sandra) and some of Resnick’s former staff who still keep in touch by phone after all these years.


Julius Resnick ‘Hobo’ purse

During the gathering our curator mentioned that it would be great for the Museum to have a Resnick purse in our collection. Roger Gagne, the plant’s former production manager, took the hint to heart and subsequently donated a Resnick ‘Hobo’ style purse that had been used by his wife Liette.


Cheque Presentation

During the reunion, on behalf of the Blitstein family, Paula presented Museum Curator Ian Bowering with a cheque.


On the desktop are Macdonald’s initials (JSMD) and the date (Nov 21)

jsmcd_93-3-16Part of that generous donation was used to obtain this student’s desk which had been used by Ontario’s first Premier, John Sandfield Macdonald. Macdonald hailed from St. Raphaels.


  1. What a wonderful story of friendship.

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