Posted by: Cornwall Community Museum | December 16, 2016

Artifact of the Week – Canadian Cottons Crib Blanket


This 1951 Canadian Cottons Ltd ‘Kingswool’ crib blanket is typical of what the Cornwall manufacturer gave to employees on the birth of a child.

The company’s successor operated the Canada Mill, Dundas Mill, Stormont Mill and the Glengarry Mill in Cornwall / Cornwall Township.

A Timeline of Cornwall’s Cotton Mill Industry:
Cornwall Manufacturing Company
– 1868   Started by George Stephen & Hugh Allan
– 1870   Suffers a fire
– 1871   Is rebuilt
– 1902  Closes its doors
– 1903  Becomes the Dundas Mill as part of Canadian Coloured Cottons Limited

Stormont Cotton Manufacturing Company
– 1870   Started by the Gault Bros.
– 1874   Suffer a fire
– 1880  Becomes Canadian Cotton Limited, Stormont Mill


Canadian Cotton Manufacturing Company
– 1874   Started by Smith, MacKay, Rosemount, Harvey, MacInnes
– 1882  Becomes Canadian Cottons Limited, Canada Mill (on the right below)

Canadian Cottons Limited
– 1880  Acquired the Stormont Cotton Manufacturing Company, Stormont Mill
– 1881  Stormont Mill – acquired more land & built new plant
– 1882  Acquired the Canadian Cotton Manufacturing Company, Canada Mill
– 1882  Canada Mill – Weave Shed added
– 1884  Canada Mill Weave Shed is electrified
– 1892  Canada Mill is now part of Canadian Coloured Cotton Mills Company
– 1903  Stormont Mill is now part of Canadian Coloured Cotton Mills Company

Canadian Coloured Cottons Limited
– 1892  Purchases the Canadian Cotton Manufacturing Company, Canada Mill
– 1903  Brings together the Dundas, Canada and Stormont Mills on December 30

Canadian Cottons Limited
– 1910 Canadian Coloured Cottons Limited reverts to earlier earlier name
– 1936  Rayon Workers Industrial Union is formed at Canadian (Coloured) Cottons Limited
– 1937  Officially recognizes the United Textile Workers of America
– 1937 Arthur Laverty organises the Cornwall Textile Workers Union at Canadian (Coloured) Cottons Limited and Powdrell and Alexander Curtain Factory
– 1948  Purchases Powdrell and Alexander, renaming it Glengarry Textiles
– 1959  Three factories closed; two (Canada & Dundas) became the property of CIDL.
– 1961  Stormont Mill is raised by fire on Hallowe’en night (October 31)
– 1978  Dundas Mill is partly demolished
– 1992  Canada Mill is occupied by various smaller companies
– Today,  the Canada Mill Weave Shed is a mixture of condos and businesses
– Today, the Canada Mill Finishing Storage building contains condos
– Today, what little remains of the Dundas Mill is storage and Laframboise


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